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FRSTrainTracker is an inventory application that helps railway models and collectors track their model train collections. The purpose of FRSTrainTracker is to help model railroaders and model train assemblers track their locomotives, freight and passenger wagons, cabins and maintenance wagons.
You can add as many model records as you like. A large number of data entry fields are provided by the application. But the true strength of FRSTrainTracker is that it allows you to add, rename, hide or delete data entry fields. Once you are used to the application, you can experiment with these functions (see the Fields menu).


FRSTrainTracker review

If you want, you can link one or more model and prototype photos to each record. By default, you can see three model photos and one prototype field. Additional fields are available by clicking on the menu command “Field | View hidden fields …”. (two more model photos and four more prototype photos). Once the photo is selected, a miniature image of this photo will be shown along the right side of the main window.
In addition to photos, you can also keep a to-do list for the model (see the To-do list editing field below the grid). This allows you to keep track of changes you still want to make to the model, such as coupling changes, weathering, etc. E. If you’ve already made changes to the model, there’s also a tracking field for those changes (see the “Update” edit box below the grid).
We all know that the time will come when we will move to the Great Passenger Station in Heaven, so by entering all your models and their features into the FRSTrainTracker, you will help your spouse, family members or friends determine what is in your property. You can assign a “current value” to the model so they can determine what you considered the fair market value for the model. Fair market value can also help determine the total value of your collection for insurance purposes.


  • Keep an eye on your collection for insurance and property purposes.
  • Simply enter as much data as you need.
  • Track any number of photos for each model (prototype and model).
  • Add your own data fields if necessary.
  • Hide or delete data fields that you will never use.
  • View your inventory reports (print / export for insurance purposes).
  • Save DCC CV values for easy retrieval later.
  • Generate web reports for your website.
  • Thoroughly documented functionality with built-in documentation center.
  • Own 32- and 64-bit versions available.

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