FoldersSynchronizer 5.0 MacOS [Full]

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FoldersSynchronizer 5.0 MacOS [Full]



Synchronize or back up files, folders and discs.
FoldersSynchronizer is a popular and useful utility that synchronizes and backs up files, folders, disks and bootable disks. In each session, you can apply special settings such as timers, multiple folders, filters, exclude items, automatically mount local and remote volumes, run your own AppleScripts, set conflict resolution methods, make incremental or exact copies, include locked files, and more.

FS allows you to specify global settings, such as whether FS should display a preview panel listing all the files that FS will copy, replace, and delete. You can also choose to save the log file, send the log file to a special e-mail address, synchronize and automatically shut down the application … FoldersSynchronizer is available as a version with a hidden background, and more.

Whats new:

  • This is a 64 bit version, successfully tested on macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • Addressed some issues when dealing with the APFS (Apple File System).
  • Fixed a minor bug on the Registration management.
  • Other minor fixes and improvement.
  • Faster Timer Scheduling system.
  • New look and feel.

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Requirements: MacOS X 10.13 or later 64-bit

FoldersSynchronizer 5.0 MacOS – (5.9 Mb)

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