Flowx: Weather Map Forecast App 3.086 APK [Pro] [Full]

Flowx: Weather Map Forecast App

Flowx: Weather Map Forecast App

Flowx: Weather Map Forecast App

Flowx is a unique weather app designed for easy understanding of weather forecasts. Visualize the forecast with the unique Flowx weather map and graphs. Move your finger across the screen to control the forecast animation over time. Select the data for your needs, and plan around the weather, for aviation, fishing, sailing, surfing, cycling, hiking, photography, storm tracking or anyone interested in the weather. The clean, concise interface makes it quick and easy to understand the big picture of weather systems. Use Flowx alongside your hyperlocal weather forecast apps for your complete forecast needs.

The Flowx advantage is that forecast data is shown on an interactive map, giving you the ‘big picture’ and enabling you to understand the weather. With Flowx, you have control of the forecast information: compare models and interpret what the data means for you, so you can best plan your activities.


  • Data Types: 30+ data types including precipitation, cloud, wind, temperature, pressure, humidity, waves and more.
  • Data Sources: NOAA GFS (United States of America) and CMC GDPS (Canada).
  • Map: use finger swiping to control the forecast animation over time. Choose multiple data layers to display on the map, for example precipitation and cloud layers with wind streamlines.
  • Graphs: view the week’s weather forecast data at a glance. Choose from a selection of graphs including the useful Precipitation/Cloud/Wind graph and
  • DeltaTemp graph which compares the temperature to the previous day and indicates warm and cold fronts.
  • Wind Streamlines: animated streamlines indicate wind speed and direction.
  • Wavefronts: animated wavefront lines indicate wave direction.
  • Widget: resize your widget to display multiple graphs.
  • 10 Day Forecast: with pro version you can view the 10 day forecast for any location.
  • Graph Editor: with pro version you can customize your graphs by selecting data types.
  • Map Styles: with pro version you can choose from multiple map options.
  • Travel Mode: automatically updates the forecast for wherever you are in the world.
  • Offline Use: after updating the data, use the app offline to view the forecast without internet.
  • Permissions: minimal permissions required.

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PRO features Unlocked | Map Radar works | Analytics disabled


  • Flowx: Weather Map Forecast Screenshot
  • Flowx: Weather Map Forecast Screenshot


Requirements: 5.0+

Pro – (8.2 Mb)

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