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FinalCrypt Full is a file security program that allows you to encrypt any data using a method that is not very common to many people, and hackers will not be able to generate a password during a brute force attack. I don’t think I can tell you a secret if I tell you that there are several different encryption algorithms that can protect your files. Most of these methods require that you specify a password, depending on how complex it is, it will depend on how long it is decrypted by brute force.


FinalCrypt review

This program FinalCrypt downloads the latest version of which is based on Java for free, uses another approach to its work, encryption of files will be done with the help of a special file-encryption, so without access to a particular file, there is almost no chance to crack. You get an unusual user interface, which surprised me by the fact that when executing various commands, the girl’s computer voice voiced them.

The interface is divided into two panels as in file managers. The left pane is responsible for selecting the file or folder you want to secure, i.e. encrypt it, and on the right pane you can specify the encryption file. FinalCrypt will allow us to encrypt the right number of files and folders at the same time, so there is no problem. In order to perform this operation, you don’t need a lot of experience at your computer, just select the files and click on the “Encrypt” button.

Please note that you can download FinalCrypt for free by clicking on the link at the bottom of the news, the latest version is available to you, plus you can get a portable version that does not require installation, you can run it from any media.

If you decide to encrypt a huge file, a heavy file, the operation can take a little longer and you can pause it and resume it at the right time. Once your files are encrypted, you’ll get the same .BIT files on the output – the original elements will be completely removed. I’d like to point out right away that you need to make sure that the file you just encrypted is stored in the most secure place possible and is backed up, because after that you will not be able to recover your data without it. Once you have performed all of these operations, to access these files again, you must run the encryption operation again using the same encryption file.

In general, the user interface, at work, personally with me, did not cause any complications, it was quite easy to understand and even use the program became interesting, because as I just recently spoke above, all operations are voiced and the computer voice even sometimes helps us with the choice of functions.

In general, the program to me to add especially nothing more, at the output you get a convenient application that seems at first glance not bad at the tasks, you can keep all your files in complete safety, it is enough to use specialized encrypted file, which will be responsible for the encryption of the content itself. Naturally, the process of decryption can be horrifying for some beginners, because they are often more used to entering a password and getting a file, the situation here is a bit different, but the result here is also different, and the security is much higher than in other programs.

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License: FreeWare

Download FinalCrypt 6.8.0 – (54.1 Mb)

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