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F-Secure KEY is a program (password manager) that allows to generate unique strong passwords, to synchronize and centrally manage account data (including passwords invented directly by the user), designed to work both on PC (Windows, Mac) and mobile devices (iOS, Android).

F-Secure Key Free

F-Secure Key Free

All information contained in this program (pin codes, passwords, logins, account data, bank card details, etc.) is securely protected using built-in encryption tools. All encrypted data is stored both on the user’s PC/mobile devices and on protected servers of the developer company (F-Secure). In this case, access to the password database can only be obtained using the so-called “master” password to the specified program, information about which is owned only by the user (employees of the developer company do not have access to this password, and automatic generation and reset of a new “master” password using, for example, secret questions is not provided).

The program does not provide for collection of data about the Internet resources visited by the user. Also, the program performs automatic clearing of the clipboard, on this information about the copied password in the buffer is contained for a short time. In addition, by generating passwords, the program allows the user to set the necessary length of the password, as well as the symbols that make up the password. There is an option to export/import data.

The mechanism of entering passwords (logins, pin codes, etc.) into accounting forms is quite simple – by selecting the necessary password from the list of passwords offered by the program, the program simulates manual entry of passwords. The feature of F-secure Key is also the ability to fill in the login and password separately (entering only the login or only the password). Among other things, the password manager allows users to work not only in browsers, but also in other applications.

In order to protect information about stored passwords, pin codes, logins and other credentials, as part of Internet security, the developers have provided regular updating of the program’s own database containing information about various Internet threats (including the facts of hacking various online services).

Thus, the main functions of F-secure Key include the following: – generation of unique secure passwords; – availability of built-in tools for encrypting user account data stored in the program; – possibility to fill in data both in the browser and other applications; – availability of convenient, easy search of necessary information about stored passwords (logins, pin codes, etc.); – availability of data entry via clipboard, as well as export/import of data; – improvement of security functions by regular updating of information.

It should be noted that the password manager F-Secure Key has a high degree of reliability in the field of protection of information related to user account data, while having a simple and clear interface.

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