Etaria | Survival Adventure APK [Paid] [Full]

Etaria | Survival Adventure

Etaria | Survival Adventure

Etaria | Survival Adventure

Etaria is an android adventure game where you can build your own settlement and bring all the people together. Explore the endless world of the game and find something to do. Build, go fishing and hunting, cut down trees or pick berries, and do whatever you want. Meet a variety of animals on your way, from cute squirrels to deadly scorpions. There are also survival elements in the game, so look for food and destroy your enemies. Gather whole villages of people in your village and give them various tasks for the day. Get daily gifts in the form of resources, weapons, armor and food. Also remember to protect your village from enemies.


  • Completely casual and infinite world.
  • Various biomes (Woods, fields, deserts, bogs and many others.)
  • Large number of various animals and other beings.
  • Different types of pastime: the cabin of a tree, fishing, hunting, descent in dark caves and many other things.
  • Tower-Defence elements. Defend the settlement and attack the others.
  • Survival elements. Survive in severe conditions

Fauna of the world of Etaria
Traveling all over the world in Etaria you will meet a great number of various representatives of fauna of this or that district. Little and lovely little squirrels, fluffy and soft lambs, huge and terrible scorpions and many others.

Sand-box’a Elements
At game there will be Sand-box’a elements, namely editing a landscape and construction of huts and other useful constructions.

Survival Elements
At game also there will be survival elements. Collect livelihood, beat off from enemies and wild animals and many other things.

Hunting and fishing
Be engaged in hunting for production of food and various useful resources, such as skins, canines, etc.
You catch fish in reservoirs. Fishing is one of fascinating occupations, after all fish клюёт depending on time of day.

You can found the village in which your inhabitants whom you can divide into categories will live and give them various tasks, for example cut firewood, hunt, will go to mine, etc.

Daily gifts
Come into Etaria every day and receive a gift!
You are waited by resources, the weapon, armor and many other things!

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Etaria | Survival Adventure
Etaria | Survival Adventure
Developer: Unknown
Price: $1.49


Requirements: 4.4+

Paid – (6.7 Mb)

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