Enolsoft PDF Compressor 3.1.0 MacOS [Full]

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Enolsoft PDF Compressor

Enolsoft PDF Compressor

Enolsoft PDF Compressor

Excellent program to reduce the size of PDF files, which accordingly will help you save a lot of space on Mac OS and quickly transfer data wherever you wish. Try not to break large PDF files for storage. Does not affect the content, does not affect the resolution of images and does not change the file layout. These are conditions for us to reduce the size of the PDF file. After reducing the size of PDF files, storage requirements are automatically reduced. Then you can keep more files easier! In general, when we get a hint that there is not enough memory on our disk, we usually decide to delete unnecessary files or increase the amount of disk space.

With a PDF compressor, you set the size in the cloud that you want to compress, depending on your requirements. (Including custom size, large size, medium size, small size and minimum size.)

Most PDF files are larger than you expect; this may be due to files with a very large amount of content, such as vector, bitmap images and embedded full fonts.

In fact, images used in PDF files are often larger than necessary, and there is no need to embed full fonts, etc. The PDF compressor for Mac reduces the file size while maintaining the same quality as the original files by removing unnecessary element, image compression without effect resolution, etc.

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Requirements: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

(4,6 Mb)

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