Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 24.1.1

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EmEditor Professional is a powerful text editor, which may not be clear to the average user. Because, first of all, it is intended for web developers and programmers, and the typical user can find a simpler solution.

Emurasoft EmEditor Professional

EmEditor Professional review

EmEditor Professional supports a code editor for three programming languages: PHP, XML and HTML. There are other formats, but they are not really relevant in 2017. There is no built-in view of the written files. But there is a solution to this problem – you just specify in the settings the browser in which the page with the written code should open, that is, you don’t have to manually save the file and then “play” it. It turns out that writing and editing the code will be done in real time.

Syntax is highlighted, so all mistakes are noticed instantly. If you need to upload one or more files, you do it elementary – by dragging the document to the main window. There is no need to copy text manually – the application will automatically “adapt” it and break it up into lines with paragraphs taken into account, but without formatting overrides. EmEditor Professional opens files of any size up to several gigabytes. Connection of external modules is possible, but you’ll need them if you really want to work with large-scale codes.

Support of macros is present. But note that EmEditor only recognizes macros in javascript and VBScript. There are detailed options for the HTML programming language. For example, certain tags can be closed automatically, not to mention the spelling mistakes which will be corrected automatically (if they are obvious, for example if you forgot to switch the keyboard layout).

Also note that this text editor for code is one of the only professional-level software products which does not have any system requirements, so it can be used even on the weakest computers to edit code from thousands of lines.

It is possible to work with Unicode but it is worth poking around in the settings. You can not only add, but also create macros. There is a synchronous scrolling, you can number the code and search for specific parts of it with the built-in search. If the functions are not enough, external plugins can help you solve the problem.


  • gives you the ability to attach plugins and applications from outside;
  • has a very flexible interface that the user can customize to their own needs for convenient operation.

You can download EmEditor Professional from our softportal for free the link is below and is available without registration.

Whats new in the program:

  • Fixed a bug where the Find Next/Previous Warning Character/Unicode command might have missed surrogate user-defined characters.
  • Fixed a bug where EmEditor could crash at the BatchReplace method if the batch array is empty.
  • Fixed issues related to Layouts.
  • Fixed a bug where the Find Next/Previous button in the Find dialog box did not work well with surrogate characters.
  • Fixed a bug where character spacing might become irregular.
  • Fixed a bug where the vertical scroll position might be at the bottom if a window is split vertically and when switching documents.
  • Fixed a bug where syntax errors appeared when opening certain CSV files but clicking the Check Syntax button cleared all the errors.
  • Fixed a v21.5 bug where EmEditor might have shown the “File changed by another program. Reload with changes?” message box sometimes when network files are opened.
  • Fixed customer-reported issues.

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Downlaod Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 24.1.1 – (131.0 Mb)

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