ElcomSoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 7.0.313

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ElcomSoft iOS Forensic Toolkit – extracts the contents of the iOS file system and decrypts passwords and authentication credentials stored in the key chain. This major update adds support for collecting data from Apple devices running iOS.

ElcomSoft iOS Forensic Toolkit

iOS Forensic Toolkit review

The application allows forensic experts to physically obtain Apple devices running all versions of iOS 12 to iOS 12.1.2 inclusive. The toolkit provides file system extraction for all devices supported by jailbreak without root, and allows decrypting the key chain to extract stored passwords and credentials for authentication.

For the first time, iOS Forensic Toolkit does not use a fully autonomous jailbreak to access the file system. Instead, Toolkit uses it without roots and with a much smaller footprint than traditional jailbreaks. Unlike traditional methods, a rootless jailbreak does not overwrite the file system or alter the contents of the system partition. As a result, this type of hack without root can be completely removed once it is received, without requiring a system rebuild to restore the system partition to its original, unmodified state.

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit supports all possible options to extract and decrypt data from both compromised and unhacked 64-bit devices, including the latest generations of Apple hardware and software. Without jailbreak, experts can perform logical extraction from iOS system backups, extract shared application data and multimedia files. In some cases, logical extraction is possible even if the iPhone is locked. If jailbreak can be installed, experts can create an image of the file system of 64-bit iPhone and iPad, extract data of protected applications and work databases.

Physical data retrieval offers many advantages over all other retrieval options because it provides access to protected parts of the file system and extracts data that is not synchronized with iCloud or included in local backups. In particular, physical discovery is the only method to decrypt key chain elements that target the highest security class. Retrieval of the file system gains full access to isolated software applications and all system areas, extracts secret chats and recovers deleted messages. Downloaded emails, chat databases and secrets from two factor authentication applications, system logs and detailed location data are just a few of the things that are only available when you extract a file system.


  • Physical extraction from 32- and 64-bit devices using jailbreak
  • Logical data retrieval via backup system
  • Extract and decrypt data from secure keychain storage
  • Ability to unlock the device without password using lockdown files
  • Real-time operation for devices with jailbreak
  • Fast extraction of media files: photos, videos, books and voice notes, even if the backup is password-protected

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