Elcomsoft Explorer For WhatsApp Forensic 2.80.38602

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Elcomsoft Explorer For WhatsApp – this program allows you to perform full decryption and after displaying the contents of WhatsApps history, supports local and cloud backup.

Elcomsoft Explorer For WhatsApp Forensic

Elcomsoft Explorer For WhatsApp Forensic

I think you know that it’s almost impossible to extract WhatsApp messages from a mobile phone, the only way to view this information is to back it up and then decrypt it using specialized tools such as this software.

Before you can start using this application, it will take some time to install iCloud on your computer. You can enter your credentials right from the main application window to download WhatsApp backups from iCloud. You can also download WhatsApp logs from your local backup file, if you previously downloaded it from your iCloud account.

Once you have downloaded the necessary data, you can proceed to the next step – examine the contents of your WhatsApp archive. The program allows you to view not only text messages sent and received by you, but also any attachments, such as videos or images. You can also view the phone numbers of the people you have spoken to, as well as the exact dates and times. In addition, the utility allows you to limit the number of messages that you can display by applying the date filter. You can also view only incoming or outgoing messages, or you can enter a keyword and search for specific information in logs.

To sum up, you have a reliable and useful solution for anyone who wants to extract and decrypt WhatsApp logs from their iOS devices only if they are stored in an iCloud account. So, if you face such a problem, I think this software will help you, plus you get a nice user interface with all the necessary settings, even a novice user can understand.


WhatsApp Acquisition from Android
Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp can extract WhatsApp conversations directly from various Android smartphones. Since WhatsApp encrypts its databases securely, we recommend (but not necessarily) root access for WhatsApp. If root access is not available, Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp uses a workaround by temporarily inserting a data collection tool into the phone to retrieve the decryption key.

WhatsApp Business for Android
WhatsApp Business Extraction is supported for Android devices. Since WhatsApp Business is a separate application with a different security profile, Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp requires root access to extract information directly from a physical Android phone. Logical retrieval (backup files) as well as extraction of the cloud from Google Disk are available without root access.

Downloading WhatsApp branded backups
WhatsApp is able to create cloud backups of its database, saving them to the Apple iCloud Drive (iPhone) or Google Drive (Android phones). WhatsApp backups are unique for each phone number. This means that the number of WhatsApp backups available in your cloud user account will depend on the number of phone numbers you use.

Viewing and Exporting
Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp has a built-in viewer that supports multiple WhatsApp databases from different sources. The viewer includes instant filtering and quick search. Finding a specific contact, message or conversation is easy by specifying a date range or entering a partial keyword in the search box.

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Password for archiv: kolompc.com

License: ShareWare

Download Elcomsoft Explorer For WhatsApp Forensic 2.80.38602 – (81 Mb)

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