EJ Technologies Install4j MultiPlatform 7.0.12

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Install4j is a cool program for creating installation files for your Java applications. This means that the file you created will work on different platforms, but note that it works only with Java. I think everyone understands that the first impression of the running software is formed at the stage of its installation, and if the installation package looks nice, functional, stylish, it is convenient, understandable, nice, then half of the business is already in your pocket, these are the packages you can create using this application. After the launch, you will go through a few steps, and in the end you will get a great result.

EJ Technologies Install4j

EJ Technologies Install4j

Who just needs such a thing, I advise you to download Install4j from our site, as always the link is not a torrent, and direct. is at the bottom of the news, after downloading and unpacking the archive, install the software, and in a separate folder you will find the key / serial number, I have one tested, all perfectly registered and I used the program for free. In general, test, do not forget to leave your comments, it is always interesting to read about the experience of other users in the software.


Easy to use special
Some requirements of construction and installation work, you must first become an installer. This is not the case with install4j, where all configuration steps are intuitive and require explanation. The install4j IDE manual is, of course, the process of collecting the necessary information. Create an installer that runs for a few minutes. However, you have a powerful arsenal at your disposal when you need it.

Setting up a nice
The installation process is the first thing that users see your request. Installing a smoother experience is an important step in creating happy users and a successful product. However, the installer does not meet the standards that can ruin the first impression is very important for the product image. With install4j, your installation will look beautiful and feel natural for users on all platforms.

The action system and screen is rich
With install4j, you can set up a screen stream for installer and uninstaller anyway you want. install4j provides screens and actions for many other uses and allows you to create your own actions directly in install4j. Actions can be attached to each screen, making install4j a much more powerful visual programming system than other traditional building and installation work.

Automatic updates and custom applications
install4j offers several templates for the update process allowing you to create an automatic update solution for your application in just a few clicks. Automatic updates are fully configurable, so they can support special requirements for you with a large number of scripts. Typically, install4j supports the creation of an application, custom installations are packaged together with your application.

Creating a custom screen is easy
Requesting information from specific users to your application should not be difficult. Besides programming to customize your own, install4j includes a unique concept of screen forms that look beautiful and easy to customize. With a powerful system setup it, install4j allows you to use the information entered in a window and other actions. Create a user interface, can not be simpler this way.

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Download EJ Technologies Install4j MultiPlatform 7.0.12 – (132 Mb)

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