Easy Video Logo Remover 1.4.2 Crack [Full review]

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Easy Video Logo Remover

Easy Video Logo Remover

Easy VideoLogo Remover gives users the ability to remove an existing logo or built-in watermark from the video. This is often used for copyright protection purposes or when downloading a third-party file and needs to be converted to a more general format. Download and use this software package free of charge.


Basic features and usage
Easy VideoLogo Remover uses a unique trimming feature that allows users to quickly identify the part of the video containing the logo. Since this feature is very similar to that used by programs such as Adobe Photoshop, previous experience is usually not required. The controls are very simple. You can select a file to upload, select a specific area to edit, and view the effects before the resulting result is saved. The handy playback slider determines the exact segment (or segments) of the video to be edited.

Additional tools
Easy Video Logo Remover offers a preview mode so you can see your changes in advance. It supports most common file types, and the help section is designed to address the most frequently asked questions. The light nature of this package will not interfere with most Windows operating systems.

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Easy Video Logo Remover

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Download Easy Video Logo Remover 1.4.2 – (17.3 Mb)

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