Dr.Web LiveDisk CD/DVD & USB 9.0.0 [Full]

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Dr.Web LiveDisk is an anti-virus boot disk / media to restore the functionality of the system infected with viruses, rootkits or other complex threats.
To protect your system from infection, which can lead your computer into a dysfunctional state, you need to use constant reliable protection with effective antivirus programs.

Dr.Web LiveDisk

Dr.Web LiveDisk

However, even modern anti-virus programs can miss new and still unknown threats. In this case, if the system is not booted or disabled, you may need an anti-virus boot disk to restore the system.
Dr.Web LiveDisk is a bootable CD/DVD or USB key with a portable operating system based on the OS, an integrated Dr.Web Curelt! anti-virus scanner, and additional software. Booting with LiveDisk allows you to perform antivirus checks and disinfection of your computer, work with the registry and file system, as well as browse the Internet without downloading the main system
Dr.Web LiveDisk has come to replace Dr.Web LiveCD and Dr.Web LiveUSB boot tools and is available in two forms: an ISO image for burning to a blank CD/DVD (using any disc burning program) and a utility that runs in the system to create a bootable USB flash drive.

Main components

Scanner Dr.Web Curelt!
Dr.Web Curelt! scanner is designed to scan boot sectors, memory, and both individual files and files in composite objects (archives, e-mail files, installation packages). The scan is performed using all methods of threat detection.

Dr.Web Updater
Every day there are many new types of computer threats with more advanced cloaking features. Updated virus databases ensure that your computer protection is up to date and ready for new threats. The update is performed using a special utility Dr.Web Updater.

Registry Editor
In case you want to manually make some changes to the registry, use the Dr.Web RegEdit utility, which is analogous to the registry editor.

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License: FreeWare

Download Dr.Web LiveDisk CD/DVD 9.0.0 – (750 Mb)

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Download Dr.Web LiveDisk USB 9.0.0 – (743.9 Mb)

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