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Before you quite a powerful defragmenter, as well as a kind of optimizer for placing files on your hard drive, you can download UltimateDefrag from our project in full news. According to the developers, this product will take into account more than just fragmented files. I don’t think it’s worth telling you what file fragmentation is, many users know it better than I do. So here we are talking about the fact that this process is not the main one in improving the performance of the drive. More importantly, it is the correct placement of the files that you use more often than not. UltimateDefrag will allow you to perform both the first and the second action, works according to the developers’ request quite quickly, you will get a great result, you can check it yourself. UltimateDefrag Key has a rather convenient interface. This is the kind of program I wanted to introduce you to, I hope it will be useful.


Entire Code Completely Streamlined And Optimized.

  • We effectively went through all the code line by line to ensure highest quality programming every step of the way. We also improved our approach to some of the defragmentation algorithms. UltimateDefrag is now a native 64 bit application which eliminates the memory limitations of 32 bit programs. UltimateDefrag Full is now only limited by the amount of memory on your system and/or limits imposed by the operating system.

Much Faster Analysis and Defragmentation.

  • Along with the optimization of the code, we also were able to significantly improve drive analysis and defragmentation file sorting overhead by around 75% more than the previous version.

New Defragmentation Methods and Enhancements of Exisiting Methods.

  • We’ve incorporated a new defragmentation method that enables you to sort files on your drive by size — either ascending or descending size order. Some of the other methods that already existed have been further enhanced and fine tuned

Solid State Drive Support With Specific Algorithms For SSD Defragmentation Operations To Minimize Wear Leveling.

  • Even though the general consensus is that SSDs do not need defragmentation and that defragmentation wears out SSDs faster, there are still justifiable reasons to defragment SSDs. You are defragmenting the file system as NTFS sees it and removing a lot of I/O overhead. Our options enable you to choose to either not defragment your SSD, to treat it like a normal drive, or to apply our algorithms optimally designed for SSDs where it moves the least amount of data necessary and to minimize wear and to minimize the rate of refragmentation.

Command Line Support.

  • The full power and flexibility of UltimateDefrag GUI version can all now be used via Command Line complete with the full array of options and switches.

Windows Shell support.

  • Within Windows Explorer, you can now right click on any file or folder and perform a number of defragmentation operations on that file and folder without even running UltimateDefrag. Defragment a file or complete contents of a folder just by right clicking on it within Windows and selecting the defragment operation!

Support For Volume Shadow Copy Enabled Drives.

  • Options to overcome any limitations and issues that defragmentation might encounter on VSC enabled drives.

More Ways To Select Files That You Want High Performance From Or To Archive.

  • You can now even decide on the size of the High Performance zone.

Same Familiar Interface.

  • We have maintained the same Graphical User Interface that you are familiar with.

Multiple Language Support.

  • UltimateDefrag now supports multiple languages. We are intially releasing an English and a Spanish version. Other languages will be available in the future.

Many Other Miscellaneous Enhancements And Bug Fixes.

  • We’ve drilled right down into the code to correct any minor bugs as well as enhance and improve algorithms and performance.
  • In spite of all of these changes and improvements to the program one thing still remains and that is that optimal hard drive performance for your PC remains the #1 priority of UltimateDefrag. All of the new features simply make it easier and faster to achieve that state.

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