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Days Bygone – Castle Defense – pixel-holding action in which the players’ wards will stand behind a low barrier and try to stop the entire legion of the army of darkness, which decided to use this very road away from all the serious fortifications. A puny fence and a few intrepid heroes – that’s all that separates the peaceful kingdoms from the total horror. Gamers need to use a variety of skills, magic spells and everything else to destroy the enemy before he gets to the fence. Periodically, there will be bosses. That’s where you’ll have to really sweat to cope with them.

Days Bygone: Endless Defense

Days Bygone review

Days Bygone – Castle Defense is an action-pixel castle defense where you, as a cartoon character, will defend the walls of the royal castle and resist horrible monsters.

You are the last line of defense between the castle full of civilians and the monsters that are coming from the forest. The protagonist will be a previously unknown character who has been given a sharp sword, which he is able to launch at his enemies.

The character is located on the left side of the screen, he stands exactly behind a small wall, which must be protected. To deal with the enemies will be enough to click on them, and the character at this time will launch his sword at them. At first, the damage will be insignificant, you will have to spend three or more shells on one monster, but over time you will be able to pump weapons and the game will become much easier.

Besides direct improvement and discovery of new weapons, you will have access to spells that affect several enemies at once, and they can also be pumped. Gradually you will be able to access new magic spells, as well as slots in which they will be added and can be used during the battle. In general, the gameplay will please all fans of action arcades with RPG elements, pixelated graphics and a huge set of improvements.

What’s New:

  • 2 New Weapons: Mingun & Aldan
  • New “Siege” Mob: Krieg
  • 4 New Skills, Skill cost rebalancing(price up), Reroll cost rebalancing(price down)
  • Updated Achievements
  • x10/x100/x1000/x10000/MAX upgrades for skills
  • Performance optimizations, especially for legendary heroes (fixed lag spikes)


  • Money

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  • Days Bygone - Castle Defense Screenshot
  • Days Bygone - Castle Defense Screenshot
  • Days Bygone - Castle Defense Screenshot
  • Days Bygone - Castle Defense Screenshot
  • Days Bygone - Castle Defense Screenshot
  • Days Bygone - Castle Defense Screenshot
  • Days Bygone - Castle Defense Screenshot
  • Days Bygone - Castle Defense Screenshot


Requirements: 4.1+

Download Days Bygone: Endless Defense 1.31.0 APK [Mod] – (67.9 Mb)

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