Darkest Winter: Last survivor 0.6.35 APK [Mod] [Full]

Darkest Winter: Last survivor 0.6.35 APK [Mod] [Full]

Darkest Winter: Last survivor

Darkest Winter: Last survivor

Darkest Winter: Last Survivor is another isometric project where gamers get a great opportunity to demonstrate their survival skills. The protagonist was flying when everything went wrong and he wasn’t the only survivor. Around the snowy area where the danger is not only cold or hungry, as well as predators and mythical creatures, but also old acquaintances – zombies. We can see that this is what caused the liner to fall. So the character will need to be as careful as possible in their actions. We will have to try very hard to save your life and get to civilization. If it still exists.

Darkest Winter: Last survivor is an adventure survival action game in a world filled with bloodthirsty zombies and real players.

Players will have to find the perfect way to survive in arctic conditions, where you will see angry zombies and survivors in addition to snow, ice and plane wreckage. You are in a catastrophe, the plane fell, but the good news is that you have managed to survive, now you need to find food, build tools and weapons that will help to hold out as much time as possible in unknown terrain.

To survive, you need to make the right decisions. You will be able to build a shelter using the trees, stones and other resources found. In addition, you need to explore the territory and collect food, hunt for wild animals, as well as destroy zombies, mutants and when faced with other players, if possible, try not to engage in an unequal battle.

The gameplay runs with a view from above, where you can observe your character and a huge part of the location, which will allow you to watch the enemies coming from all sides. The character collects and places all the resources in the backpack, do not overload it, it is better to build a shelter and there to place all the wealth acquired. Defend the built house, set up traps and don’t let your enemies get close to you. The game has low-polygon graphics, great music, and a blood-cold atmosphere that will plunge players into the zombie apocalypse and keep them out of it for as long as possible.


A good zombie is a dead zombie. Even better if it has some loot in its pockets. And wild animals will supply you with meat and leather.

This cold world is not a place for compassion. Defeat other players to grab their goods!

Create a base to produce better weapons and equipment and store food and resources. Return to the camp to get some rest and get ready for new adventures

Get to the most distant corners of the snow forests, where you will meet more dangerous enemies and find more precious resources!

Hunger and freezing conditions. Wild beasts and ruthless monsters. Treacherous attacks from other players. Prove that you can get through all these dangers and survive!


  • Money

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Requirements: 6.0+

Darkest Winter: Last survivor 0.6.35 APK [Mod] – (26.9 Mb)

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