Dancing Ballz: Music Line 1.8.5 APK [Mod] [Full]

Dancing Ballz: Music Line

Dancing Ballz: Music Line

Dancing Ballz: Music Line

Dancing Ballz: Music Line- is a great music rhythm game in which gamers will have to monitor their character’s movements very carefully, react to the course of the track, and strive for perfect performance. It’s the only way to get through each of the levels, complete the tests, get awards and add new characters to your collection. Beautiful graphics, classical mechanics of the gameplay, and so high duration will please everyone who loves to sharpen the skills, agility and reaction. Well, a selection of great music only adds positive impressions.

Dancing Ballz: Music Line – musical rhythm-arcade with colorful level decoration and dynamic gameplay.

A casual arcade where you need to control a small ball and move along winding paths in time with the music. The main task in the game is to pass through the tangled levels with numerous turns, straight lines and hundreds of obstacles.

To fully immerse yourself in the gameplay and get the most out of the game, it is recommended to use headphones. To complete the level you will need to successfully pass all the obstacles and collect three stars in passing. The latter are scattered all over the route and you simply can’t miss them. For management are used tapas on the display. You need to press at a certain point in time, you can navigate through the white circles on the location, or listen to music and follow the rhythm.

The complexity of the game directly depends on the track being played, as well as the camera, which is constantly spinning and does not let the player relax. You’ll have to show a monstrously fast reaction rate and successfully cope with all the difficulties. The game is colorful, the music is selected perfectly, and dynamic gameplay fits perfectly into everything that happens and does not get bored.


  • One Tap One Tune: easy to play with just one finger
  • Finish a song to unlock a new one. There are a lot of free EDM songs waiting for you.
  • All new modern/trending songs for you to “dance” with
  • Unlock amazing theme/background with wonderful color each unique epic level
  • Let the music guide you through darkness and spin you around!

How to play Dancing Ballz: Music Line

  1. Listen to the music beat, and tap to jump or switch the music line.
  2. Tap the screen when “the ball” reach “the rings” – the signs tell you to make a move.
  3. Just follow the path and rhythm, remember not to fall off.

What’s New:

  • We try to improve the game quality by updating it regularly.
  • Easy unlock songs when you stuck.
  • Some random players will receive new features.


  • Lives
  • Unlocked

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The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Requirements: 4.0 +

Mod – (36.9 Mb)

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