DameWare Remote Support

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DameWare Remote Support

DameWare Remote Support Key

Those who have ever administered computers will realize that there is nothing better than to go to a custom object and do everything face to face, without any intermediaries, let alone through the command line. It is not every day that we can travel hundreds of kilometers to correct the tiniest mistake that can keep an entire unit idle. From now on, however, things will be different, now you can leave work early. You don’t know how? Just try Dameware Remote Support.
This utility is a tool for centralized administration of workstations. Among the supported platforms are all modern versions of Windows, starting with the 2000 release. There are no restrictions on it, including Microsoft Management Console, so you can do whatever you need to do. The application allows you to group, extract, search, assign attributes to objects and users, which greatly accelerates the work time. A simpler TeamViewer utility will help you in case of any difficulties with the Dameware English interface.


  • Controls active and inactive OS processes;
  • Can “wake up” sleeper platforms;
  • Can bypass the Firewall;
  • Compatible with previous versions of clients.

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