Cyrobo Prevent Recovery Pro 4.02 Patch review

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Cyrobo Prevent Recovery Pro

Cyrobo Prevent Recovery Pro review

If you deleted data and are worried that it can then be recovered by special programs, you should use this tool and forget about this problem, download Prevent Recovery is offered below.

From the screenshots I think you can clearly see what awaits you after launch, so it makes no sense to rewrite the features and modes of operation, it is better to read what the developers themselves write. I would also like to add that the program works fast, the settings are minimal and all steps can be done through a wizard, which is also as convenient as possible.


Prevent Restore
All files already deleted will disappear forever, even those that were deleted many years ago.

Physical security.
Deleted files will be destroyed at the physical layer, so no recovery tool can succeed.

Military standards
Includes several security algorithms from the basic version to those used in the army and CIA.

Interface enhancements
Access to additional options for adjusting the appearance and style of the program.

Priority support
Get help much faster! Payment customers always have the highest priority in the ticket service queue.

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License: ShareWare

Download Cyrobo Prevent Recovery Pro 4.02 – (4,1 Mb)

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