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CyberLink LabelPrint is a program for design of CD and DVD discs, namely, for application of selected background or drawing on their back (non-working) surface.

CyberLink LabelPrint

CyberLink LabelPrint review

The application will be relevant for those users who want or need to record many discs, which need to be given a certain individuality. Despite the fact that to date, the vast majority of people are used to using cheap flash memory drives instead of not so convenient and practical drives, this type of media is still relevant. On CDs and DVDs, software is distributed, various bonuses are recorded as souvenirs and advertising products, and festive events (video or photo editing) are arranged for a wide audience. In all these cases, labeling the disc with a marker is not aesthetically pleasing, and sticking it on top of a specially printed image is laborious. The solution to the problem is CyberLink LabelPrint, which requires, however, an advanced DVD drive equipped with LightScribe function – with its help a standard burning laser can also apply images to the back side of the disc. However, even the CD or DVD itself for this purpose requires not simple, but with a temperature-sensitive layer susceptible to infrared radiation.
It is necessary to consider feature of display of the press on a disk: the image on a gold or colour background will be monotone, however sharpness of rendering and set of gradation of black and grey colors allow to level this lack. As for the interface of CyberLink LabelPrint, it is quite simple and intuitive, although it lacks translation into Russian: first, the user can design not only the disk itself, but also the cover to it, which will reflect the content of the blank in the form of a list. This option is implemented on a minimal level, so you should not expect a variety of options. Next, you can start selecting the image that will serve as a background for the back surface of the DVD – it is desirable to process it in a third-party editor before using, giving it the form of a square (it is better to choose the format .bmp for the file). You can apply additional inscriptions to the specified background by setting up the font, the type of shadow to be discarded and the type of trimming. The last step is to evaluate the result in the preview window and start burning the surface, which takes about 10-15 minutes. It remains to add that CyberLink additionally offers its users access to the database with many ready-made backgrounds, categorized. Download CyberLink LabelPrint free cover creation software to the disk at the link below.

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