Cyberfox 52.7.4 (AMD/Intel) + Portable [Full]

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Cyberfox is one of the best versions of Firefox web browser that has 64-bit architecture (x64, 64-bit) and uses Windows 8 SDK. The browser is optimized for Intel and AMD processors.



You can also download a portable version of Cyberfox if you need to run the browser from a removable storage device.

The browser uses its own profile, separate from Firefox, so you can use your own bookmarks and history. Full add-on support and allows you to use the same advanced features.

The main changes are “under the hood” and are related to the ability to work on 64-bit systems, which is expected to make the browser faster and more stable. However, you should also estimate memory usage when comparing total performance.

If you like Firefox browser and want to use the 64-bit version, Cyberfox is a viable solution you should try to evaluate its performance.

Key benefits

  • x64-bit web browser
  • Built on Mozilla Source Code
  • Built using Visual Studios 2012
  • Uses the Windows 8 SDK instead of the Vista SDK
  • Built with Intel C++ Compiler
  • Compatible with Windows 10

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License: ShareWare

AMD – (161 Mb)

Download link Mirror

Portable AMD – (159.3 Mb)

Download link Mirror

Intel – (160.9 Mb)

Download link Mirror

Portable Intel – (81.9 Mb)

Download link Mirror

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