Cultist Simulator 3.1 APK [Paid] [Full]

Cultist Simulator 3.1 APK [Paid] [Full]

Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator

CultistSimulator is a famous android card game with over 200,000 fans. In this game you will move to 1920, where you will play the role of the seeker after dishonest riddles, hidden gods and secret stories. Become a scientist of the invisible art and become a messenger of the new era. This game will delight players with a complex role-playing gameplay, where you have to experiment and overcome death through the historical system. Play this game with your friends and corrupt them, as well as exterminate enemies.


Challenging roguelike gameplay – There is never only one history.
Cultist Simulator doesn’t hold your hand. Experiment, expire and transcend death with a story-driven legacy system. Over time you’ll learn enough to wrestle the game to its knees.

Intense, immersive narrative – Combine cards to tell your own story.
A hefty novel’s worth of choice-based storytelling. There are many paths through this game of ambition, appetite and abomination, and many ways your tale can end.

A rich Lovecraftian world – Corrupt your friends and consume your enemies.
Search your dreams for sanity-twisting rituals. Translate grimoires and glean their lore. Penetrate the realm of the Hours and win a place in their service. Cultist Simulator brings the peripheral horror of Lovecraft’s tales to an entirely new setting.

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Cultist Simulator
Cultist Simulator
Developer: Unknown
Price: $6.99


Requirements: 4.4+

Cultist Simulator 3.1 APK [Paid] – (51.8 Mb)

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