Crafting Idle Clicker 4.1.7 APK [Mod] [Full]

Crafting Idle Clicker

Crafting Idle Clicker

Crafting Idle Clicker

You like clickers, managerial and progressive games. Then try the game Kraft Clicker! It has already played more than a million users. The game regularly appear new features and content.


Build, invest and research!

  • Mine and harvest resources. Craft semi-products and goods.
  • Invest in further upgrades, new products or research.
  • Accomplish missions to get permanent prestige rewards.

Become an industrial tycoon!

  • Automatically sell your goods and upgrade your crafting units.
  • Unlock over 500 achievements and ascend 100 levels.
  • Upgrade and evolve blueprints! Increase your revenue to get set bonuses.
  • Collect new blueprints to unlock them in your workshop.

Customize your workshop!

  • Organize your workshop however you want. Just drag around the products.
  • Engage in regular event workshops with unique content and rewards.
  • Build a gigantic production line with over 100 items and counting.

Crafting Idle Clicker supports multiple playstyles:

  • Active: Tap your products to speed up crafting-
  • Passive: Let the game run while it automatically earns money and invests the profits.
  • Closed: Crafting continues while the app is closed. Just give new orders from time to time.
  • No internet: Most features work without internet connection.


  • Money

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  • Crafting Idle Clicker Screenshot
  • Crafting Idle Clicker Screenshot
  • Crafting Idle Clicker Screenshot
  • Crafting Idle Clicker Screenshot
  • Crafting Idle Clicker Screenshot


Requirements: 4.1+

Mod – (49.6 Mb)

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