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CorelCAD is an excellent CAD tool that allows you to easily design both two-dimensional and three-dimensional models in the right hands, and you get universal support for a variety of formats, namely: DWG, .STL, .PDF and .CDR. You can output your work to regular printing, to a 3D printer, you can save in the desired format, plus you get fine-tuning and tools to automate the work.


Native .DWG files
The ability to open, edit and distribute .DWG files makes it easy to interact with colleagues and suppliers. The latest AutoCAD R2018 .DWG format optimizes project communication and enables you to collaborate seamlessly with suppliers, employees, and business partners both internally and externally.

Industry-responsive CAD features
Program CorelCAD is compatible with all basic CAD-solutions, therefore it will be convenient for experts to use habitual aliases of commands, the command panel, menu items and elements of the toolbar.

Tools of modelling and editing of 3D objects
More efficient editing tools displayed on the screen save valuable time. The improved object handles and property panel allow you to edit 3D objects and provide intuitive 3D manipulation tools. In the project it is possible to add elementary volume figures, and then by means of Boolean operations to carry out association, crossing and subtraction of bodies. In the program such advanced editing means, as tools for rounding of sides of 3D figures, and also means for filling with colour, moving, rotating and shift of separate surfaces of 3D figures are presented.

Support of tables
The “Export Table” command (EXPORTTABLE) is intended for exporting tables into the comma-separated CSV format, as well as for importing CSV files into Microsoft Excel and other database applications. When working with tables, you can add formulas to cells and perform operations of inserting, deleting, merging and resizing cells, rows and columns in already existing tables.

Binding objects and object handles
Intelligent CorelCAD tools such as object snap, object handles and polar guides are designed to move, align, copy and resize objects quickly. The improved handles of object allow to carry out operations on editing of 3D-objects and provide intuitive means of manipulation of objects in 3D mode. Use the context menus for instant editing of object geometry, which is done when you move the cursor over any of the object handles.

Helikoid tool
Helicoid opens up new possibilities for working with forms. This tool is designed to create 2D spirals and 3D helicoids to give objects a volume in a single layer around a cylindrical shape (e.g. a spring or spiral staircase).

Intelligent Size and Multivanoski tools
Multiple outsides allow you to create, edit and configure outstations. This practical tool also allows you to add (and remove) removals to multi-talkies as you make changes to your drawings. Dimensioning tools provide precise dimensional data, while Intelligent Size automatically selects the most appropriate and accurate size type.

Gradual movement of elements
An efficient copy command allows you to quickly copy selected objects to the active layer instead of the source layer. An improved paste command can be used to copy content from the Clipboard to the active layer instead of the source layer. Use the Shift + Arrow key combination to set intervals for stepped movement of selected items.

Control block attribute settings and properties
Use block support to edit settings and properties in block (character) definitions. With a few mouse clicks you can change the order in which block attribute values are displayed when you insert a block. You can synchronize all instances of blocks based on the settings in Block Attribute Manager and remove attributes of a block from blocks.

Quick Input Function
Install the command interface in your project by using the cursor in the drawing area. This effective function directs the commands directly to the cursor, when you move it, the tooltips provide you with the possibility to enter coordinates, length values, angles, lines, etc. in the drawing area.

Function of automatic execution for commands
In the interface you can apply the automatic execution function to commands and variable names as you type in text. The list of recommended commands and variable names containing the substring entered by the user is also displayed.

Layer Tools
Advanced layer tools allow you to work in a consistent manner with Layer Preview and Layer Transparency to align project elements, including drawing components from new versions of AutoCAD .DWG files. The Layer State Dialog ensures that the layers are in strict order. By saving the layer state, you can control the appearance of design components using named layer states, turn them on and off, and switch between

Drawing restrictions
Presence of dimensional restrictions provides exact conformity of the drawing to the set proportions, corners and the sizes as the geometrical object is formed according to the set parameters. Besides, geometrical restrictions can be used for definition of geometrical dependences and relations of objects.

Arrangement of array along the path
Use the array command (PATTERN) to create and place copies of the specified objects along the path. A path can take the form of lines, polylines, arcs, circles, ellipses or splines. Alignment parameters allow you to control the final form of an array.

Creating centerlines
The program represents possibilities of construction of axial lines between pairs of lines, arcs or segments of polylines. In addition, you can extend the centerlines beyond the forms that define the contour. And best of all, the centerline style is assigned automatically.

Pruning options
Practical tools “Trimming” and “Auto-trim” provide the ability to accurately edit forms such as hatchings, solid figures, as well as monochrome and multi-color gradient fills. When division is complete, the resulting color and hatchings retain both associativity with subsequent contour objects and the characteristics of a single object.

Increased speed
The new version of the product is optimized to run on the latest operating systems, including Windows 10 and MacOS High Sierra, which provides an increased level of application performance. In addition, changes have been made to the user interface to make it more intuitive.

Windows Ribbon Interface
Customizable ribbon workspaces and context options for selecting and applying various design tools such as tables, direct text editing, etc. are designed to increase productivity.

Drawing tabs
The ability to instantly switch between multiple simultaneously opened active documents in CorelCAD on Windows platform allows you to keep your work materials in order. Use the Drawing tab command (DRAWINGTABS) to display the drawing tabs at the top of the drawing window. This efficient feature lets you open, edit, close, and save multiple drawing windows.

Direct text editing
Create a new text or modify an existing one with the Quick Text Stack and Format Text from Microsoft Word in your project. This option is perfect for controlling the font and appearance of text blocks as well as their location.

HUD Display
Use the Heads Up toolbar to highlight different objects and enlarge them to make necessary changes. The ability to edit all objects in one window allows you to set style and width of lines, change layers, specify sizes and create blocks.

Dynamic blocks
The ability to insert dynamic blocks from AutoCAD with subsequent access to block parameters and attributes for use in your .DWG files in CorelCAD saves you valuable time.

Design Resources
Universal “Design Resources” allow to find instantly such components, as blocks, styles, drawings and images, and also to operate them for use in various CAD-projects.

Check of standards of CAD
CorelCAD 2019 allows you to check CAD drawings against drawing standards contained in .DWS files. During the verification process, any violations of industry standards are monitored and corrected, ensuring further drawing compatibility.

Create notes and work together
VoiceNotes’ unique feature allows you to add voice messages, reminders and instructions directly to drawings. You can mark drawing items with hand sketches and apply masks to individual drawing items to exclude them from annotations.

PDF and DGN functionality
The base file tools allow you to attach DGN files created in your MicroStation, as well as one or more pages of a PDF document, to the drawing as a base. The software also provides the ability to manage layer visibility and trimming (area masking) of PDF and DGN bases.

Convert 2D to 3D
The program allows you to create 2D drawings in CorelCAD and 2D sketches in CorelDRAW. Imported into CorelCAD* a 2D sketch can then be converted into a volume model. It is also possible to create three-dimensional objects by moving along a trajectory, stretching or rotating two-dimensional objects.

Support for 3D mice
Support for 3Dconnexion* input devices allows you to work in 3D space. Use the 3D mouse to rotate 2D and 3D drawings with the 3D mouse. You can assign navigation options or user-defined commands to the 3D mouse buttons.

Print 3D models
The program allows exporting multiple 3D models to the stereolithography format .STL – most often.

CorelDRAW file import
The program provides for quick import of CorelDRAW (.CDR) and Corel DESIGNER (.DES) files into CorelCAD* on Windows platform in the format of model space objects with representation on the layout page. For direct import of drawings from CorelDRAW for advanced 2D and 3D modelling in CorelCAD on platform Windows it is possible to work with multipage files .CDR/.DES.

Export CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER
Export from CorelCAD on Windows to .CDR and .DES* files allows you to reuse projects from CorelDRAW – for example, when creating presentations or other marketing materials, as well as when developing technical documentation in Corel DESIGNER.

Migration support
User profiles, settings, file folders and interface settings can be transferred from the previous CAD release to the new version. The dialog window automatically opens at the first launch of CorelCAD 2018 after software installation.

Easy file exchange
Support for major file formats including .PDF, .SVG, .EPS and .DWF makes it easy to collaborate and share files with colleagues and customers.

Geographic Information System (GIS) file management
Support for ESRI (.SHP) files allows the visualization of maps and geographic models created in geographic information systems (GIS).

Share 3D files with colleagues and suppliers
CorelCAD allows you to open and modify 3D models by supporting ACIS (.SAT) model file format. This format provides an opportunity to exchange 3D files with employees and manufacturers.

Dialog window of the press
In order to optimize the workflow, additional functions have been integrated into the redesigned print dialog box. The preview window is dynamically updated when any of the print parameters are changed. In addition, an optimized image preview is displayed before printing starts.

Print Configurations
All advanced print options, including paper size, scale, orientation, line width color matching options and many more, can be saved under individual names to be used in various files and projects.

Package command
The command is designed to create a folder or ZIP archive containing the current drawing and related files such as links, images, PDF files, font files, comparison files, print style files and print configuration files.

Support for automation
CorelCAD offers support for LISP and Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA)*, which allows you to download ready-made or create your own functions, procedures and plug-ins in CorelCAD automation interface.

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