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Print Maestro is a popular program that allows you to print a list of folders and all their contents, you can convert files to PDF or create HTML pages. The software can also create a list of video files and specify their size, duration, width, height, codec and aspect ratio.

Coolutils Print Maestro

Coolutils Print Maestro review

Plus it lets you create a list of photos with data such as date of creation, orientation, creation time, size and even thumbnail. Reports can contain subfolders and you can include print attributes such as size, change date, file type and icons. Generated files can be exported to several formats including HTML, PDF, Excel, Rich Text Format, Graphic Format, CSV, SQL, DBF and XML.

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  • simple file list
  • directory tree
  • directory list
  • file tree
  • itemized list of files with attributes
  • directory tree with size
  • movie list (with size, Duration, Width, Height, Codec, Aspect Ratio fields)
  • photo list (with fields Create date, Orientation, Exposure time, Width, Height)
  • Song list (you can use Artist, Title, Album, Comment, or BitRate, Sample Rate, Channels, Duration tags)
  • information report on file version (Company Name, Version Info, Copyright, Product version)
  • Your own report with any EXIF fields

Basic functions:

  • Print file structure, including subdirectories and/or folder contents
  • Preview
  • Sorting by various criteria
  • Export to HTML, PDF or Rich Text formats

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License: ShareWare

Download Coolutils Print Maestro – (24.4 Mb)

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