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ConsoleAct is a small program from the well-known Ratiborus – if not for it, it would have been much harder for most users to activate Windows and Office. Thanks to its simple solutions and small utilities, this process is kept to a minimum, often just by pressing a button. All in all, here is another utility that is designed to give you the ability to activate both Windows and Office versions 2010-2019. Note that it doesn’t need to be installed, doesn’t even require the .NET Framework, and works fine on Windows from XP to the latest version. After you start, you will have a small menu in front of you, just select the letter that corresponds to the operation that you want and you will get the result, I don’t think it is easier to think of anything.

How to use and Download ConsoleAct and Additional startup parameters (keys):

  • Download ConsoleAct (archive) from the link below
  • Unzip (password is specified in the archive)
  • Run the application
  • Use Any provided in the Readme.txt parameters:
    • /win=act – Run program in hidden mode, activate Windows and exit the program.
    • /ofs=act – Run program in hidden mode, activate Office and exit the program.
    • /wingvlk – Run program in hidden mode, install Windows Key and exit the program.
    • /ofsgvlk – Run program in hidden mode, install Office Key and exit the program.
    • /taskwin – Create reactivation task Windows
    • /taskofs – Create reactivation task Office
    • /ru | /en -The program will be launched on Russian (English) interface

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Password for archiv:

License: FreeWare

Download ConsoleAct 2.7.2- (2 Mb)

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