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Comfy Data Recovery Pack

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Comfy Data Recovery Pack is a full-featured software package designed for recovery of a wide range of data: from simple text files to multimedia, electronic documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos and archives. The distinctive feature of the software is the large list of file types that can be restored. The software is easy to install on a PC or removable media and data recovery is quick and unnoticeable for the user.


On the domestic market of high-quality technical utilities Comfy Data Recovery Pack is presented in three full-featured versions:

  • Home – for individual use;
  • Office – for data recovery from multiple PCs in the offices of companies, legal entities;
  • Professional – for individual entrepreneurs and companies providing data recovery services.

To get acquainted with the features and capabilities of the utility, just run the free distribution of the program: to make a decision to purchase a licensed copy of the software and restore lost files previously considered hopelessly lost.

Installation and main functions

The software installation wizard window has a nice green folder with a red cross – the symbol of first aid. Unpacking and installing the program files takes little space and time – another plus to the advantages of Comfy Data Recovery Pack. Regardless of which version of Windows is installed on your PC, the default installer prompts you to unpack the files in the folder for the 32-bit operating system.

Immediately after installation the software is ready to work: you do not need to reboot the operating system. The main task of the program is to recover data regardless of the medium, file type, and file system. In order to make the search for lost files as easy as possible the developers have made it possible to launch the Information Recovery Wizard: The program will require minimal user intervention in the form of entering a minimum of information.

What information can be restored?

Accidental deletion of files, failure of the file system, termination of a logical drive partition, data loss caused by malware – this is an incomplete list of reasons for data loss, most of which are of great value.

It is hard to imagine the frustration of a camera or camcorder owner who tries to transfer photos or videos to a PC using a removable drive: in some cases, the software refuses to recognize files on the card.

Irrelevant information contained in spreadsheets, video presentations and text files is most often deleted to the trash or by pressing “Shift “+”Delete” keys, not only to free up space on the drive: removing unnecessary information helps you better organize your work with the data. What if you need the outdated data for verification or reconciliation with the newly received information? Comfy Data Recovery Pack is capable of restoring any files in the format of all popular office packages.

Working with the program

After you have unpacked the files and finished installing the software, it becomes clear why the product name contains the word “Pack”: two icons appear on the desktop: “Comfy File Recovery” and “Comfy Photo Recovery”. They are designed to run algorithms to find and recover digital photos and other file types.

Double-clicking on the first icon brings up a Windows 8-style window with a simple menu: you can launch the Information Recovery Wizard by clicking the button at the top of the interface on the left or by double-clicking on the physical drive in the window on the right.

To restore deleted photos you need to start the Photo Recovery Wizard: the concise wizard window will prompt you to proceed with a few clicks to retrieve the lost photos.

The first and second options work in a similar way: the user is offered to select the location of the lost data, choose the type of files and specify the secondary information that will help restore the desired files.

The registered version of Comfy Photo Recovery allows you to save the extracted information to a hard drive, CD/DVD, create an ISO-image or send the data over the network.

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Comfy Data Recovery Pack settings

Password for archiv:

License: ShareWare

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