Cisdem AppCrypt 4.9.1 MacOS [Full review]

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Cisdem AppCrypt

Cisdem AppCrypt

A minimalist and easy-to-use security tool for Mac OS X that lets you protect any application with the master password you need each time you run it.

Cisdem AppCrypt is a simple utility that allows you to block access to certain applications installed on your computer. AppCrypt can be a useful tool if you share your Mac with other users and want no one to mess up the settings of certain applications. The first time you launch Cisdem AppCrypt, you must determine the application’s master password: you will need it to access the main window of the corresponding application or locked applications.

It’s quite intuitive to navigate through AppCrypt: simply use the Add Application button to lock the application of your choice, and view the right sidebar to see a list of failed attempts.

Every time a AppCrypt master password is typed incorrectly, AppCrypt records the date and time, the name of the application that triggered the warning, and the photos taken with the built-in ISight camera.

AppCrypt was designed for people who share their Mac with others. You can be sure that a number of utilities will not be available without your consent (games, social apps and so on). Every time applications are launched, AppCrypt asks you for a password. No password? Definitely no application!

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License: ShareWare

Requirements: macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit

Download Cisdem AppCrypt 4.9.1 MacOS – (8.1 Mb)

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