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In this category you can find a variety of Optimization Apps for Windows.

Piriform CCleaner Professional Plus 6.09

You can Download CCleaner Professional Plus for Windows  is a multifunctional utility designed to work with the performance of the operating system. With its help, you can remove third-party applications, clean the cache memory of browsers, and correct errors in registry keys. The program has a user-friendly interface, with detailed placement of all tools.CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Pro 6.09.10300 + RePack / Portable

CCleaner is a program developed by specialists from Britain. It is designed to clean your computer from unnecessary programs and files. It is free and takes up little space on your computer. This program can be used both by professionals and beginners. Before using it, you must enter your license key. CCleaner RePack review Also

ReviverSoft PC Reviver

ReviverSoft PC Reviver is a powerful program designed to take care of your operating system. The utility not only cleans your computer of various debris, but also finds malicious errors. All these operations can be performed individually or simultaneously. ReviverSoft PC Reviver review The developers are releasing the program in a conditionally free version. Users

Glary Utilities Pro

Glary Utilities is a set of tools that are designed to configure and optimize your operating system. In addition, with the help of this utility you can merge and split files, encrypt and search for duplicates. Just a couple of clicks allow you to perform the necessary actions. Glary Utilities Pro review The program’s interface

Cleaning Suite Professional 4.005

Cleaning Suite from ASCOMP Software is a multifunctional program for cleaning and optimizing Windows. With its help you will be able to clean the disk and the registry from debris, remove unnecessary files of the operating system and Internet browsers, as well as remove unwanted programs and clean up the autostart. Cleaning Suite review Cleaning

FastKeys Pro 5.11

FastKeys is a utilitarian application designed to save time for users who face the need to type large amounts of text or perform routine tasks either ex officio or as a hobby. The clever program allows you to optimize and automate many such operations using customized hotkeys and auto-swaps. FastKeys Pro Key review With this

SAPIEN PowerShell Studio 2023 5.8.218

SAPIEN PowerShell Studio is an impressive editor and environment for creating tools for Windows PowerShell… This tool will meet all your scripting requirements. You can create graphical tools using Windows PowerShell with an easy-to-use graphical designer. PowerShell Studio review You can override the requirement to manually write multiple lines of code. You can use templates

Wise Disk Cleaner Full

Wise Disk Cleaner is a fairly convenient, fast and easy-to-use application which is needed to analyze and then subsequently clean your hard drives. The cleanup itself is done from files that are unused, temporary or even just unnecessary. Wise Disk Cleaner Considering Wise Disk Cleaner, it should be noted that the program can detect about


Geekbench Pro 5.5.1 + MacOS

Geekbench is an interesting application that was created directly to compare performance. It is with its help that you can quickly test the memory that directly belongs to the processor. You can download the tool in a couple of clicks on this page. Geekbench review If we consider the main pluses of the program, the

PDQ Inventory 19.3.365.0 Enterprise

Two or more monitors running the same personal computer is not uncommon these days. And it is all the more surprising to observe the fact that in today’s Windows 11 operating system the most common clock is displayed only on the main monitor, without duplication on auxiliary monitors. How is this possible? We tend to