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In this category you can find a variety of Managers Apps for Windows.

TidyTabs Professional 1.21.0

You can Download TidyTabs Professional Crack for free TidyTabs Professional review TidyTabs Pro is a very small, but extremely useful and indispensable utility, which is designed to make the user’s work as comfortable, convenient and pleasant as possible. This digital product is designed to facilitate switching between applications and open folders, and it will be

Karaosoft KJ File Manager 3.6.7

You can Download Karaosoft KJ File Manager Keygen for free Karaosoft KJ File Manager review KJ File Manager – the program will allow you to easily manage audio and video files in karaoke format, now you will be able to record MP3 ID tags and edit metadata information, do it all in batch mode. To

DbVisualizer Pro 14.0

You can Download DbVisualizer Pro Crack for free DbVisualizer Pro review Here is DbVisualizer – a functional tool for developers and database administrators of different types, now you will have all the necessary options to work with them. After installation and launch you are welcomed by the wizard, he will guide you through the basic

Fast Video Cataloger

You can Download Fast Video Cataloger for free Fast Video Cataloger review Fast Video Cataloger – the program will allow you to organize your video library into a universal database, which allows you to search for clips by keywords and custom sketches. Nowadays, it is very convenient and accessible to get videos from the Internet

A4ScanDoc Crack

You can Download A4ScanDoc Crack for free A4ScanDoc review A4ScanDoc is a useful virtual tool that will help users manage their scanning equipment more effectively and efficiently. With built-in features, scanning can be done with a few simple clicks. In terms of features, there is batch processing, file standardization, multiple profiles, command line support, and

Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise 12.10.0

You can Download Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise for free Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise review Cerberus FTP Server is a cool program that, after installation and launch, will allow users to safely transfer files through various types of servers, working with FTPS, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS. After you risk running the program, you will be given

Ashampoo Photo Commander 17.0

You can Download Ashampoo Photo Commander Crack from our website for free Ashampoo Photo Commander review Ashampoo Photo Commander is a program that is designed to work with graphic files. This application allows you to view digital photos, as well as organize storage and sorting. Unfortunately, the program is free of charge. Users should download

XnViewMP 1.3.0

You can Download XnViewMP Crack for free XnViewMP review I would like to write right away that the program XnViewMP is an extended version of XnView, has its own features and buns, in short, a decent graphics editor with a wide range of features. This viewer, you can safely call a media browser, which additionally

Helium Music Manager 15.4.18076

You can Download Helium Music Manager Helium Music Manager review Helium Music Manager is a very versatile and versatile software that is essential for managing a large music collection. It has a built-in tag editor that allows you to edit the data of several hundred songs in a matter of seconds, without user intervention. This

Navicat Essentials Premium 16.1.2

You can Download Navicat Essentials Premium for free Navicat Essentials Premium review Navicat Premium – a program from PremiumSoft™ CyberTech Ltd, which was created for database administration, you can easily connect and work with MySQL, SQLite, Oracle and other databases, and you can do it at the same time, that is, connect to all in