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In this category you can find a variety of Managers Apps for Windows.

Abelssoft KeyDepot 2019 6.2

Abelssoft KeyDepot is a program for storing and managing passwords with a simple interface. You can view the saved passwords sorted into independently defined categories. To store passwords, the program uses a highly secure algorithm AES-256, which is approved in the United States for government classified documents. Abelssoft KeyDepot review You can access the desired

Abelssoft MoneyFox 6.32

MoneyFox – the program will allow you to manage your finances, if you still have them and you want to clearly see where and how much you spent, who borrowed from you, or rather who you borrowed from, when you need to give them back, you want to look at monthly charts and understand the

Prey 1.10.10 – Full review and Free Download

Prey is a small but very useful program that is designed so that you can always track the location of your phone or laptop after installing the appropriate application. The latter will send out a signal to allow you to track the movement of your device. The signal sends information about the location of the