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In this category you can find a variety of Managers Apps for Windows.

Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator 3.31.3514.2 Pipeline Crack

You can Download Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator from our website for free Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator review CrazyTalk Animator – if you want to start working on the creation of not just animation, but a full animated video, you can do it with this powerful program. The whole workflow takes place in real time, so you can

CutLogic 1D 5.3.1 Enterprise Edition + Patch

You can Download CutLogic 1D from our website for free CutLogic 1D review CutLogic 1D is an interesting cutting program, its purpose is to help you cut any linear material: pipes, rods, pipes, wires, profiles, cables. In addition, the program can automatically find the optimal layouts and create complete reports. The software also allows you

AceMoney 4.36.6 Crack review

You can Download AceMoney from our website for free AceMoney review I don’t know if anyone could use a program that could manage your money. The developers write that the application was created for those who do not understand anything about accounting. That’s why it may seem very simple at first glance, but in fact

CodeAndWeb SpriteIlluminator 1.5.0 Crack

You can Download CodeAndWeb SpriteIlluminator from our website for free CodeAndWeb SpriteIlluminator review SpriteIlluminator – normal map editor for dynamic lighting and special effects. It is a sophisticated but user-friendly software solution that was created to help make computer graphics objects more believable by combining light and shadow in a realistic way. The application will

CrossFTP Enterprise 1.99.6 Crack

You can Download  CrossFTP Enterprise from our website for free CrossFTP Enterprise Key A simple FTP client that allows you to work with FTPS, SFTP and some other protocols as well. The interface is divided into two windows, one is your remote server, and the other is a hard drive, flip files and get the

Actual Window Menu 8.14.5 Crack

You can Download Actual Window Menu from our website for free Actual Window Menu review The Actual Window Menu adds additional items to the system menu of each Windows window that can be used to: minimize any window to the notification area, make it “on top of all”, make it semi-transparent, change the priority, and

Xtreme Download Manager 7.2.11 Crack review

You can Download Xtreme Download Manager from our website for free Xtreme Download Manager review Xtreme Download Manager is an easy and fast download manager with support for scheduled tasks, clipboard monitoring, browser integration, YouTube grabber, great media converter and much more. The software is ready to give you all the benefits, helping you to

Abelssoft KeyDepot 2019 6.2 Crack – Free Download

You can Download Abelssoft KeyDepot from our website for free Abelssoft KeyDepot review Abelssoft KeyDepot is a program for storing and managing passwords with a simple interface. You can view the saved passwords sorted into independently defined categories. To store passwords, the program uses a highly secure algorithm AES-256, which is approved in the United

Abelssoft MoneyFox 6.32 Crack – Free Download

You can Download Abelssoft MoneyFox from our website for free Abelssoft MoneyFox review MoneyFox – the program will allow you to manage your finances, if you still have them and you want to clearly see where and how much you spent, who borrowed from you, or rather who you borrowed from, when you need to

Prey 1.9.6 – Full review and Free Download

You can Download Prey from our website for free Prey Prey is a small but very useful program that is designed so that you can always track the location of your phone or laptop after installing the appropriate application. The latter will send out a signal to allow you to track the movement of your