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In this category you can find a variety of Managers Apps for Windows.

XnViewMP + Portable

XnViewMP – the program will give a wide range of functionality and absolute comfort in working with graphic files. It is one of the most modern and advanced catalogers. There is a function of the viewer. Also, XnViewMP allows you to convert data. “Classic” functionality related to editing files of this kind is present. XnViewMP

XYplorer 25.20.0000

XYplorer is an advanced file manager that looks similar to the standard Windows Explorer, but has many additional features and tools for easy file management. The peculiarity of this manager is support for multitablature – open as many windows as you need and quickly switch between them. XYplorer review The application has flexible settings and

dbForge Studio for MySQL Enterprise 10.0.60

You can Download dbForge Studio for MySQL Enterprise from our website for free dbForge Studio for MySQL Enterprise review dbForge Studio for MySQL is a universal graphical tool for developing, managing and administering MySQL and MariaDB databases. The IDE environment allows you to create and execute queries, develop and debug stored procedures, automate the management

SoftwareNetz MyMoney 3.51

MyMoney – This is a powerful, functional and at the same time convenient and easy to learn program for “home accounting”. The program has such a clear and convenient interface that even a person who is not familiar with the computer, can easily work after the first minutes of familiarization with the program. MyMoney review

IDM UltraCompare Professional

UltraCompare Professional is a powerful professional software whose capabilities will surely be appreciated by programmers and administrators. This application is focused on working with documents: to find them by specified criteria, analyze and compare line by line. The peculiarity of the software is the ability to process several files at once – archives, folders and

Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise 13.2.0

Cerberus FTP Server is a cool program that, after installation and launch, will allow users to safely transfer files through various types of servers, working with FTPS, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS. After you risk running the program, you will be given the opportunity to access the quick settings, first you can create your own user

Valentina Studio Pro 13.5.2

You can Download Valentina Studio Pro for free Valentina Studio Pro review Valentina Studio is an interesting and functional program that will allow you to manage databases such as MySQL, SQLITE, Valentina and others, you can see the list on the official website. You’ll have the tools you need to track your connections, work with

MusConv Ultimate 4.10.201 [Full review]

MusConv is a cool program for those who listen to music on different specialized services. Now you will be able to transfer a lot of playlists with your favorite tracks from one music service to another (Spotify, Google Play Music and Apple Music and so on). MusConv Ultimate review Getting started with the app is

Turbo Studio 23.11.19

A very powerful program for virtualizing applications, for this will use a special virtual container, or simply put – one executable file that will not require you to install, download Turbo Studio can be below. Turbo Studio review Inside the container being created, there will be an environment for files and registry entries. You can

File Viewer Plus

File Viewer Plus is a software that presents a huge number of different formats to help you open the application’s main options. Officially, the software easily supports files made as file documents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, JPG and so on. File Viewer Plus review This program will also support audio and videtreks, graphic copies,