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Tourweaver Professional Edition 7.98.180315 RePack review

Tourweaver is a tool for fast creation of professional virtual tours, which successfully combines wide functionality with simplicity and convenience of work. The program allows you to combine panoramas, as well as other information in virtual tours. Import of panoramas created in other staplers is supported. Tourweaver review For example, you can import cylindrical panoramas

PhysicsEditor 1.8.4 Crack review

PhysicsEditor is a simple form collision application. Create collision forms in 3 stages: drop form, press trail, and export in the game engine. Features include select exporter, where many game frames are supported out of the box, set physics parameter, define your own data format, and auto-trace function that saves a lot of time when

Picture Instruments Smart GPS Sync Pro 2.0.8 review

You do not want to do without GPS tags in your photos, but also do not want to run a GPS logger all the time? If you take one single photo with GPS data on your smartphone, you can use “Smart GPS Sync” to send this GPS information to all other photos in your camera

Picture Instruments Sort ‘n’ Rename 2.0.5

A well-structured file system starts with talking file names. With clear image file names, you can easily find them using the OS search tool. To ease the pain of renaming thousands of images and files, Sort´n´Rename here. Picture Instruments Sort ‘n’ Rename review Sort´n´Rename is the most flexible solution for renaming files. Naming options include

Picture Instruments Mask Integrator 2.0.10 review

Mask Integrator – automatic flashing out of the mask. It’s the fastest and most accurate solution for producing precise and homogeneous mask cutouts during studio work. Perfect reproducibility of the smallest pieces, details and transparent areas. Picture Instruments Mask Integrator review The mask is created during the image capture process, minimizing the amount of clipping

Picture Instruments Chroma Mask 2.0.10 Crack review

Chroma Mask – a program to separate objects in photos from the background, allows you to determine the contours of objects by color and texture, taking into account the shadows, and can effectively separate complex objects (human hair, leaves of trees, etc.) from the whole image, performing various graphic operations on them. Picture Instruments Chroma

Black Bird Image Optimizer Pro review

Black Bird Image Optimizer – if you often work with photos, pictures, or any other illustrations, we recommend you to read this program. Black Bird Image Optimizer review The main task of the utility is to optimize illustrations for your needs. In the process of optimization the picture quality is not lost, which is the

gPhotoShow Pro

gPhotoShow is a powerful program for creating multimedia screensavers and different levels of slideshows. I would like to point out at once that there are enough features and settings in the application, and there is no multilingual support, so not everyone will be able to understand, it is desirable to know English well. gPhotoShow Pro

MAGIX Photostory Easy

MAGIX Photostory is a professional editor for creating video clips based on photos and video files. The knowledge to use this editor is kept to a minimum, anyone can understand it through an intuitive interface. Contains many editing and editing features, various effects and workpieces. MAGIX Photostory Easy review After the first launch, you will