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CCleaner Pro 6.7.1 build 800009759 APK [Mod]

CCleaner Pro is one of the most famous and popular tools for cleaning your mobile device space. With it, you can delete unnecessary files, free up space, analyze the state of the system and be highly secure on the Internet, as well as many other things. With this program, users will get almost complete control

Device Info : View Device Information 2.9.3 APK [Mod]

Device Info: View phone infomation. – A cool application to add to the list of projects designed to significantly simplify and speed up all user operations with their mobile gadgets. The project is built on the “all at once” system. You can conduct tests and get comprehensive information on the internal device, search for duplicate

Advanced Download Manager Pro 14.0.18 APK [Mod]

Advanced Download Manager Pro is a useful application, which is a download manager with the ability to capture links from browsers and the clipboard. You can also set the default destination folder located on your SD card. Advanced Download Manager review Multiple threads, parallel operation of multiple processes, downloading or overloading due to breaks or

Root Explorer 4.11.4 APK [Patched] [Full]

Root Explorer is a great application that will appeal to all users who have gained root rights and are looking for the best file manager for themselves. Not only to perform the standard operations of moving and copying, but also to interact with data that is usually hidden from the eyes of gadget owners. Root

RAM Cleanup 12.27 APK [Unlocked]

RAM Cleanup – A unique application for cleaning your device. It should be noted that this application does not even contain an interface. Or rather it does, but it is so minimalistic that it is hard to call it a full-fledged interface. However strange it may seem, it does a great job with its main

AIO Launcher 4.6.0 APK [Premium] [Full]

AIO Launcher is an eye-catching personalization project that invites users to make the most of the usable screen space of their mobile gadget. They will be able to receive notifications, monitor weather changes side by side, flip through the tracks on the running player, launch frequently used applications, dial their favorite subscribers, read news feeds

To Do Reminder with Alarm 2.68.79 APK [Premium] [Full]

To Do Reminder with Alarm is an application for creating a system of reminders about events that do not happen once and all, but for annual or more frequent situations. To Do Reminder with Alarm Such cases have a tendency to be forgotten at the very last moment. And then an important person will not

DSLR Camera : Ultra HD 4K Camera 6.5 APK [Paid] [Full]

DSLR HD Camera : 4K HD Camera is another app for mobile devices that helps users interact with functionality and features reminiscent of the authentic features of professional cameras. In addition to the manual settings, the need to take into account various factors and everything else that has a physical apparatus, there is a whole