Calendar 366 II 2.8.3 MacOS [Full]

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Calendar 366 II

Calendar 366 II

View, add, edit and delete your events easily. Create and execute your reminders with just one click. Calendar 366 Plus gives you easy access to all calendars and makes it easier to manage events and reminders.

Click on the icon to get an overview of your events. Click on a date and see the details or switch to advanced mode to see all the upcoming events in just one window.

The main purpose of Calendar 366 Plus is to make the calendar as simple as possible so that you can easily organize your schedule. In addition, the application can only be used with the hotkeys.


  • Quick access to the toolbar (hotkey)
  • Synchronization with OS X calendar settings
  • Setup menu item (Icon, date / time, icon + Date / time)
  • Localized date format (depending on system settings)
  • Show or hide calendar weeks
  • Quick event search
  • Easily create, edit or delete events
  • Easily create reminders
  • Different settings for upcoming events
  • Switching between compact and full view
  • Define your own hotkey to open the 366 calendar
  • Compatible with dark mode
  • Black and white or color icon for bar menu

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Requirements: OS X 10.12.2 or later 64-bit

Download Calendar 366 II 2.8.3 MacOS – (16.9 Mb)

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