BetterSnapTool 1.9.2 MacOS [Full]

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BetterSnapTool 1.9.2 MacOS [Full]



Desktop window management tools can be a good service to Mac owners with a small screen size. They allow you to quickly place applications in such a way that they do not interfere with each other and use the maximum possible space. It combines all the features of SizeUp! and Cinch.
As soon as you start the program, you will be able to attach windows in 7 and different positions: – on the right, left and top, and additionally on the edges of the screen.

When you start the program, its icon is placed in the top menu, where the basic settings live. Everything is already set up for the unpretentious user.
There are also a lot of settings for sophisticated users. Thus, for example, it is very convenient to implement keyboard shortcuts for window behavior. You can set hotkeys to expand the window to any available position. We pressed a combination of two buttons – and once, the window turned to the whole desktop.

Besides, there is a possibility to specify the actions that will be performed by clicking the right mouse button on the closing icons. Thus, you can set the action when the right mouse click on the “expand” icon will center the window in the middle of the desktop.
There are still a lot of different settings, in addition to those already described, but it’s already, I think, quite picky. For comfortable work, the standard ones will also work, and for those who have only recently joined the world of Mac OS X – and they will be enough.

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Requirements: macOS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

BetterSnapTool 1.9.2 MacOS – (6.2 Mb)

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