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A rare serious tool for professionals and digital artists: designers, photographers, restorers – all those for whom the correct and accurate transmission of color and its shades is of great importance.

basICColor display

basICColor display

BasICColorDisplay is a program for calibrating and profiling all types of monitors – CRT, LCD, laptops and projectors. It is well known how unsatisfactory the quality of newfangled liquid crystal monitors is, capable of transmitting only less than 65% of the colors visible to the human eye, and how important it is for the correct color reproduction of familiar and yet unsurpassed CRTs. The program works in automatic mode for some well-known multimedia monitors, for the rest, the necessary tools are provided in manual mode.


  • Calibration and ICC Profiling software for computer displays (CRT, LCD, Laptop) and projectors
  • Fully automated calibration and LUT creation for supported displays
  • Linear L*, Gamma, sRGB, CIECAM02, HDTV, NTSC, REC 709, PAL/SECAM, DICOM and CIE LUT tonal response curves
  • User selectable white point, black point, and contrast ratio
  • Support for all popular measurement instruments:
    Colorimeter: basICColor DISCUS, basICColor SQUID, basICColor SQUID 2, basICColor SQUID 2 WG, basICColor SQUID 3, datacolor Spyder 2, datacolor Spyder 3, datacolor Spyder 4, datacolor Spyder 5, EIZO Swing, Monaco OPTIX XR, NEC SpectraSensor Pro, X-Rite DTP 94 USB, X-Rite Eye-One display, X-Rite Eye-One display 2, X-Rite Eye-One display 2 WG, X-Rite Eye-One display LT, X-Rite i1Display Pro
    Spectrophotometer: GL optic mini-spectrometer (Windows only), Instrument Systems CAS 140CT (Windows only), Konica Minolta FD-7/5, X-Rite Eye-One Pro, X-Rite Eye-One Monitor, X-Rite i1Pro 2, X-Rite ColorMunki
    Display Color Analyzer: Konica Minolta Display Color Analyzer CA-210
  • Validation of the calibration, with analysis results (graphical and numerical)
  • Measurement and reporting of ambient light and viewing booths, according to ISO 3664 und ISO 12646 (requires suited measurement device)
  • Supports calibration and profiling of single and multiple displays.

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