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Bandicam review

Bandicam is a simple program designed to record everything that happens on your computer screen. With this utility, you can take screenshots, that is, screenshots; and make video captures from the monitor screen.

The peculiarity of this program is that it is conditionally free. You can download its available version and use it for a while. But since it has many versions, there are many keys to activate it. Bandicam cracked is on our site, you won’t need a key to activate it.

You can use the program to record how you communicate with your friends, for example, in Skype, or create a video of your most exciting moments. You can record not the whole screen, but a certain part of it, which you select to create a video.

The resulting video will be of high quality. And it is better than other similar programs. Video can be saved in any format you like: AVI and XviD, MJPEG, MPEG-1. The same is true for screenshots. You can save them in PNG, VMP, and JPEG formats.

Each user has a unique ability to create shortcuts for their own convenience. You can also define the characteristics of the content you create yourself. For example, you can set limits on the duration of the video, and the program itself, automatically, will control the recording process.

The program is considered one of the best in the field of screen capture. Bandicam is activated with the help of keys. Some versions do not need to be activated at all. Bandicam has a user-friendly interface. There is a toolbar at the top to switch the video capture modes, and a settings panel on the left side. No special skills are required to use this program. Everything is easy and straightforward.

Record the gameplay

This program is mainly used to record the gameplay, or so called yearsplaying. Bandicam initially opens with the settings set to capture video in game mode. To record a game, you just need to run it, leaving the program in the active mode. Recording video and stopping it is done by pressing F12.

You can then edit the video however you want. This applies to everything from video format to sound and picture quality. The program has a quick access button to store the results of your work. This folder stores all your videos and screenshots taken over time.

If you suddenly want to share your creations with the world, there is a download button that allows you to upload your videos to Vimeo hosting. Bandicam has long been the most popular software for recording videos right from the monitor screen. It’s very easy and simple to use, and it’s perfect for beginners who want to learn how to make videos.

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Whats new:

  • Bugs fixed
    • The Vimeo upload function didn’t work properly.
    • The volume meter in the device recording window did not work under certain conditions.
    • Other minor bugs have been fixed.

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Password for archiv:

License: ShareWare

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