AVG Internet Security 21.11.3215

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AVG Internet Security

AVG Internet Security review

AVG Internet Security is designed to protect your computer in real time. It can be downloaded from the official website of the antivirus software manufacturer. Activation of AVG Internet Security occurs automatically from the moment the product is installed on your computer system. This makes it much easier to work with the antivirus, reducing the time you have to wait for the checks to start.

The program is available in free trial mode, but you can also buy it for a small fee. If you want to get acquainted with the product, the trial version will be enough to evaluate all the features of the antivirus.

It is a reliable program that works quickly and does not interfere with the main work of your computer. It has an improved Firewall, which is able to repel all attacks of intruders, prevents their attempts to penetrate into your computer, does not allow them to steal confidential data, files and passwords.

Antivirus also protects your payment systems by blocking any fraudulent actions, deletes spam and malicious emails by itself. It also unloads email folders and protects passwords and credit card numbers.

The program has a single control panel. This means that you can control the antivirus remotely from another computer, phone or tablet anywhere in the world. You can also remotely detect and remove threats and viruses that may have appeared in your home computer.

There is no need to look for keys for AVG Internet Security, because the activation is automatic. This is a good feature, and users often use this particular program because you do not have to perform extra steps to activate it.

The antivirus has a turbo mode, which allows you to diagnose your system at an accelerated pace. This is done by intelligently skipping files and programs that are marked by the user as safe.

The program thoroughly examines your computer for the presence of virus software, worms, various trojans. In addition, you get the opportunity to schedule diagnostics and perform them on time, even if you do not have access to your computer at that moment.

With this antivirus your computer will be protected even from the latest viruses as the virus database is updated regularly and not just for a tick. The antivirus works in real time, without slowing down the active processes of a switched on computer.

AVG Internet Security has a user-friendly interface, data storage, email scanner, website scanner, anti-spam. This program is designed for active Internet users who at any moment can stumble upon malicious sites. But your computer won’t suffer, because AVG Internet Security is on guard.

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