Auslogics Windows Slimmer Professional 3.2.0

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Auslogics Windows Slimmer

Auslogics Windows Slimmer Key

Auslogics Windows Slimmer Full is a full-service option to clean up useless data, uninstall software including obsolete Windows versions. The goal here is to slim down non-essential data that is taking up precious space to help improve your machine’s performance and speed. Over time your PC accumulates items that are no longer needed (or ever needed) including some non-optimal settings, unused system apps, in the background data transmitting options, etc., these take up space that waste resources and are detrimental to the overall efficiency of your machine.

The program that promises to make Windows easier during the installation process tried to install a bunch of rubbish that I no longer needed, in the form of a Yandex browser and useless tweakers of an on-line company. To which I, accordingly, refused.


Windows on your PC contains many components that you never use, such as some unoptimal settings, system applications that never run, and optional features that transmit data in the background. All of these objects take up disk space and consume system resources, which reduces the performance of your PC.

Windows Slimmer provides an easy way to remove unnecessary Windows components, uninstall applications and optimize settings to reduce the size of the operating system on disk, reduce CPU and RAM consumption and increase data privacy by blocking unwanted background transmission.

3.The result is
Your computer will work more efficiently, you can increase security and productivity.

Also recommended to you CCleaner Pro


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Auslogics Windows Slimmer Professional 3.2.0 – (16.4 Mb)

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