Auslogics Duplicate File Finder 10.0

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This program is intended only to perform searches for duplicate files, which, by the way, can contain a huge amount of data in the system, especially if you have never done such a scan, download Auslogics Duplicate File Finder from our site.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder review

In most cases, it is possible to get rid of a large number, thereby freeing up hard disk space is quite realistic, although it may seem trivial to some. Again, if you have never scanned, the effect should be effective. After launching Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, you can simply find all the duplicate files and get rid of them right away, you will not need to perform various complex manipulations and configure a large number of parameters.

Developers write that duplicate files accumulate as a result of the fact that you constantly use a computer, sometimes you just forget that you have already downloaded some audio or video files, someone may work with documents, often install programs, all of which can cause the same files that you simply forget as a result. AuslogicsDuplicate File Finder will allow everyone to monitor this phenomenon and quickly resolve the situation in your favor. It’s written on the same official website that duplicate files not only take up space on the hard disk, but also can slow down the computer, of course I don’t agree, I have never done a search for identical files in my life and everything always worked fine, maybe it’s just not my case, in general, to believe or not, you choose, you can try, it will not be worse for sure.

Key Features:

  • Absolutely FREE
  • Smart algorithm
  • Gives you full control
  • Industry-acknowledged quality

Whats new:

  • Resolved an issue some users experienced when launching the app
  • Made some enhancements to the program’s interface
  • Fixed some minor bugs

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License: FreeWare

Download Auslogics Duplicate File Finder 10.0 – (16.8 Mb)

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