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A new version of a fairly advanced program has been released, which is quite a powerful tool for creating stunning 3D text, you can also create great buttons for your site and draw logos, of course all this can be done in a simple interface. Try to download Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker from our website in full news, I think the program will be useful to many, because the range of its application is quite extensive.

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

Please note that if you have bad imagination, you do not know what color to choose for the font, what style to assign it, what to choose a background picture, the program offers you a large number of ready-made templates, you can also choose the ready-made forms of buttons, logos and text, so Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker took care of people with a dull imagination, such as me. If you do not belong to such as me, for you an advanced editor is in the program, you can create your own text, form and so on, which means you will be unique, which is already good.
In addition to ready-made templates, Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker has something else delicious for users. A large number of effects, textures and different animation, applying which, you will decorate your logo on any, and therefore it will pay attention. I want to note here’s another point, here you create a logo, do not forget about the important parameter, the level of light, it is easily adjustable, the shadows can also be superimposed and aligned to different parameters, you can change the topography of the text and perform a number of other simple operations. In general, if you need to create a chic logo, then Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker will offer you all the tools for this, and the program has a lot of them, I think you have already understood it without me. Of course, the program supports import, you can from other developments such as fonts or even SVG graphics, and while saving your logo, you can use a large number of graphics and not only formats. I hope you will find the program useful.


Internal Animation Style
Every object can have many types of animations, such as rotate, swing, beat, wave, fade, typewriter, pulse.

3D Manipulator
Drag the button at the right-bottom of an object, and you can extrude the text or shape. You can control the object position, rotate and scale at X/Y/Z.

3D Graphic Templates
Get a lot of 3D Text and logo templates. Make you own 3D Text and Logo in minutes. Don’t need the basic of 3D Design.

Free-Hand Shape
Create your shape easily. Use the freehand shape tool, to edit your shape. You can import an .SVG file to the canvas and edit the nodes of the shape.

Quick Styles
You can change an object’s appearance quickly, just select the object and click the styles color button. You can get your results quickly.

SVG & Picture Import
Import a 2D shape such as an .SVG file, and import the SVG file to the freehand canvas and edit it. Or import picture to the software and change to 3D Effect.

3D Graphic Mode
Changing the graphic mode can quickly change the style of your design. You have Borders, Board, Buttons, 2D and 3D Text.

Shape Switch
Change an object’s shape. Just select the shape and select another shape on the panel. You can edit the shape detail by editing the properties.

Graphic Library
Add a shape from the SVG shape library, text shape library, or from the toolbox. There are as many as four thousand shapes in the library.

Text Edit
Full control of the text. Every text can use a different format and colors.

Color and Texture
Select different parts of an object and change the color. Supports dynamic texture, let the texture move, rotate and scale automatically on the object.

Bevel Effects
Change the bevel effect for shape and text separately.

Distort Effects
Shape and text can have many types of distortions, such as sector, curve, arch, heave, sunken, wave.

Dynamic Background
Supports dynamic background, let the background move, rotate and scale automatically.

Light and Camera Control
Full control of light and camera settings.

Set Render Size
You can set the size of preview and export.

Export Image
Export designs as PNG, JPG, Tiff, BMP, GIF, TGA files, which can be imported and edited in other illustration applications.

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