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Perfectly Clear is the latest version of the program, which comes as a plugin for Photoshop & Lightroom (can also be used in other editors). The essence of this development is simple, you have a snapshot, you do not like it, the skin is dull, pimples, in short, there are defects, now you can not bother editing, a couple of clicks and here in front of us a corrected picture, perfect, as it should be, no shame in social networks to fill up. If you want, you can adjust all the correction parameters with the help of knobs, many people use the automatic mode.

Athentech Perfectly Clear Complete

Athentech Perfectly Clear Complete review

The program has 20 indicators, exactly on them and there is a reconciliation and adjustment, and as a result the photo is beautiful without difficulties. Cameras have their own limitations, they can add noise to the picture, illuminate the photo, make skin tone bad and so on. This plugin knows about all these limitations and more, will detect, eliminate, provide, you only need to save the result.
The application will find and remove bumps and other skin defects, can work with dark circles under the eyes, remove excess shine in the picture, can add shine to the eyes, can enlarge the eyes, whiten teeth, skin tone. In short, now you can safely wake up and be photographed at once, the program will process everything and will be like a candy, do not spend a couple of hours standing in front of the mirror.

Forgot to write about what an interesting feature, the product can find a face in the photo, determine the age, sex and your features, and then understand what to use filters, it sounds cool, right? In general, that’s all, there’s nothing more to tell me, the rest you’ll figure out yourself while working, plug-ins for Photoshop and Lightroom, after installing them in programs you just need to choose the right filter from Athentech and you can start using, good luck!


  • Simple and convenient automatic mode;
  • Professional manual mode;
  • Preset presets available;
  • You can correct any defects at the touch of a button;
  • Editing a specific area of the image is available;
  • Intuitive icons;
  • Efficient use of RAM and PC resources;
  • Works well on large format monitors;
  • Compatible with different operating systems and photo editors;
  • Supports input via remote desktop.

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Password for archiv:

License: ShareWare

Requirements: Win 7/8/8.1/10

Download Clear Complete – (108.6 Mb)

UsersDrive upload-4ever

Requirements: MacOS X 10.9 or later 64-bit

Download Clear Complete MacOS – (108.3 Mb)

UsersDrive upload-4ever

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