Art Plus EasyNoter Pro

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Art Plus EasyNoter Pro

Art Plus EasyNoter Pro review

asyNoter probably offers most of the functionality you’ll ever need, packaged in a stylish and above all user-friendly interface. Not only does it look good, but it is also very practical and easy to use as a paper day timer. It will help you organize your notes and addresses, keep a diary, use the reminder function and organize photos within the built-in photo album. Full-text search capabilities make note search fast, and Internet and email connections make it even more useful.


Run and use EasyNoter directly from a USB key or memory card.
Keep EasyNoter in your pocket and enter notes on any computer without having to install or save any data on that computer. To use this function, simply place EasyNoter on the USB dongle or memory card and use it from there. Be sure to read the EasyNoter help section for more information and warnings about potential problems with this setting!

Use Cloud to synchronize EasyNoter with multiple computers.
Cloud setup (using services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or similar) can automatically synchronize EasyNoter data from your work on your home computer or laptop. Simply install EasyNoter in the LOCAL folder that you sync with the cloud. EasyNoter data will always sync with all connected computers as long as your Cloud Control software is running and connected to the Internet. Technically, this will install EasyNoter on multiple computers, but you are not violating the license unless you use this particular Cloud setting. However, one license is enough even if you use EasyNoter on several computers, one at a time.

Add your own programs and icons for quick launch.
Starting with EasyNoter 4, you can customize not only the default quick start links, but also the icons for the corresponding programs, making it easy to work with them.

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