ARP Guard (WiFi Security) 2.5.9 APK [Unlocked] [Full]

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ARP Guard (WiFi Security)

ARP Guard (WiFi Security) – reliable protection against hackers and network attackers.

Many have heard of things like Session hijacking, wifi killing, cookie theft, or banal traffic spoofing. It is possible to talk for a long time about what can be done in open networks by pastostniks with the necessary tools… This application is designed for those who are serious about the security of personal data and do not intend to tolerate such pranks in open wi-fi networks.


  • Protection against any network attacks starting with arp spoofing/arp poisoning.
  • Three modes of program operation (warning, invulnerability, recovery).
  • Automatic shutdown of Wifi when an attack against you is detected (configured in the application).
  • Warn about an attack (vibrate, sound, notification containing information about the attacker).
  • If you have super-user rights, you have a mode that makes your device vulnerable to such attacks (using a static gateway address). The need for alerts in this mode disappears.

Functions available at unlocking:

  • Permanent operation features allow you to add an application to autoload, as well as prevent the system from unloading the program from memory. Once an application is started, you can no longer worry about your personal data.
  • Turn off advertising in the application completely.

Paid features unlocked


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Requirements: 4.0+

Download ARP Guard (WiFi Security) 2.5.9 APK [Unlocked]  – (2.6 Mb)

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