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Archery King is a sports project about archery. Events take place in modern times, so there will be no medieval features and scenery. Players will find themselves on specialized sites and proceed to hit targets and targets for the sake of points and pumping their skills. Just earned awards will help open up new models of bows with different qualities and characteristics, as well as other types of arrows, which are also very important for ideal results in different environments. Beautiful graphics, a system of achievements and challenges, realistic physics and simple controls will please all fans of such entertainment.

Archery King

Archery King review

Archery King is an arcade archery simulator with the most unusual targets. The player will have at his disposal 6 interesting game modes, which offer to shoot with an archery gun at targets in the most different conditions. For example, in classic mode, you need to pass the levels, scoring a specified number of points, test, prepares for the players unusual tasks to be passed, and the mode against friends speaks for itself.

Selecting your preferred mode, you can pick up a bow and start shooting. Clicking on the screen, you can zoom in on the target, which allows you to make a more accurate shot and hit right in the ten. Competitions between real players are held in three rounds, where the winner is the one who manages to score more points than his opponent. Victories bring experience points that increase the overall level, as well as coins and bucks.

Currency is spent to buy new bows, arrows, sights for bows, as well as equipment for the athlete. Win, improve your skills and level, access new game modes, and upgrade your equipment to shoot accurately at targets and come out on top in all competitions.


  • Stamina


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Requirements: 4.0.3+

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