Antivirus One Pro 3.4.2 MacOS [Full review]

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Antivirus One Pro 3.4.2 MacOS [Full review]

Antivirus One Pro

Antivirus One Pro

Protect your digital wallets and key chains with Antivirus One, your personal cybersecurity specialist.

Antivirus One monitors malware, protecting your Mac from extortion software, adware and spyware, and all kinds of malicious attacks.

Download this tool now and forget about scams, spyware and viruses!
Developed by Trend Micro, the world’s largest active malware and spyware monitoring lab. Keep your Mac safe with Antivirus One’s powerful security features.


Real-time detection
Ready-to-use malware detection tool. Keep your Mac safe from all threats 24/7.

Virus Scanner
Quick or deep scanning as well as scanning in custom locations to fully protect your drive.

Virus Removal Tool (requires purchase from the application).
Fully automatic virus removal for system protection and privacy.

Adware removal tool
Blocks pop-ups, adware and interceptors for safe online searches.

A tool for removing confidential information
Enable invisible mode and network operation without traces in the browser.

Secure Search
Select a security category for each Google search result.

Protection from web threats
Preventing users from visiting phishing sites.
We strongly recommend that you perform a regular full drive scan with Antivirus One. This will help you protect your Mac from threats.

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Requirements: OS X 10.7 or later 64-bit

Antivirus One Pro 3.4.2 MacOS – (56.9 Mb)

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