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AntiPlagiarism.Net is a software product designed to trace in the Internet the duplicate elements of the text that is checked, calculating its uniqueness. It also highlights the found duplicate parts of the initial file or a web page where similarities were found, specifically calculating the percentage of identical parts of each checked web page.


AntiPlagiarism.NET review

The application will help you check the originality of a particular text by determining exactly how unique it is. This can be a handy utility for copywriters and their customers, as either party can be sure that the text is unique and has not been stolen from other sources on the Internet, accordingly the customer will be satisfied. In addition, you can check the uniqueness of certain images or an entire website, as the application will compare your content with content found on the Internet.

The software can help you create detailed search result reports on certain text files so you can further analyze them. You can also process Word or PDF documents on the spot, as long as you have Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can also check to see if the texts have been rewritten by checking the amount of original text compared to what is assumed to have been copied. This can help you determine the original contributions of certain users, in addition to the edited text.

In general I think this development will be useful for many people, the only question that remains is how well it searches for texts? You can find out for yourself, and I offer to download the program AntiPlagiarism NET free latest version with all the goodies, that is keys, cracks and other chips to register the program, I do not think that you want to buy it for $ 20, better me to transfer them, thank you for your attention!

If you install the program on your PC, you will be able to:

  • Find and underline duplicate portions of text directly on the recovered duplicate Internet page, which makes calculating text uniqueness much easier;
  • Generate detailed uniqueness tracking reports by adjusting various search characteristics – the number of text snippets, words in each part of the text, and more;
  • calculate the uniqueness of each page of a web resource, generating a detailed report for that resource;
  • perform batch matching of all documents in a folder;
  • search for matches by analyzing 7 search engines.

Whats new in the program:

  • Restored interaction with Yandex
  • Multiprocessing of reading files of third-party formats

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AntiPlagiarism.NET settings

Password for archiv:

License: ShareWare

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