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Create your own e-book with the app – Anthemion Jutoh. Distribute it via the Internet, social networks or sell it on bookstore sites. A fairly well-known English-language project that works on popular operating systems, including all versions of Windows. Has a clear graphical interface, presented in English, Danish, French and German. Will be very popular among those users who specialize in work on make-up of electronic books by single copies or small ones.

Anthemion Jutoh

Anthemion Jutoh review

With the development of technology and the Internet the rapid production of books, or rather their electronic versions, stored in digital formats began. And if in the beginning were popular books in simple text formats, then as the technology and the demand of readers, began to appear text books with design, graphic bitmap and multimedia.

With the development of PDAs, smartphones and e-readers, the design of digital books became more complex, and new formats appeared to be used on certain devices. For example,, has a long and successful Amazon Kindle, a digital e-book reader. Anthemion Jutoh will help the user create their own e-books in Epub, Kindle, and PDF formats. And the first two formats can be downloaded to resources such as Google Play, Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBooks.

The functionality of Anthemion Jutoh is so great that it makes no sense to describe them all in a short article, but it should be said that with the help of the utility, you can always create your own cover or choose from the templates provided. If you have pre-designed templates for your future book, it will take you ten minutes to design it. And if your book is still at the stage of incarnation and transferring it to media, the utility will help you make it from scratch with the built-in editor, add images, tables, footnotes, table of contents, etc.

The developers are constantly fixing and adding to the functionality of the program, helping you to use it optimally. Download Anthemion Jutoh – e-book editor, you can follow the link below.

Whats new in the program:

  • Fixed a bug in ODT output whereby sequence identifiers were not correctly written, so cross-references to them didn’t work.
  • Fixed a bug in DOCX import where page breaks weren’t recognised if following paragraphs contained borders.
  • Added the ability to override the default book language in the section properties via the Language advanced property.
  • Fixed a file name error when generating SMIL files, and also ensured there are fragment identifiers in seq objects. Removed xml:lang attribute from smil tag to pass EpubCheck.
  • Fixed a bug generating spurious SMIL paragraph references with identifiers for paragraphs that are removed due to a lack of content.
  • Fixed a bug when finding custom messages using regular expressions, added identifying text to custom messages when compiling, and fixed a bug handling custom message exceptions.
  • Added a warning if there is an output file name clash with ODT and other formats in different configurations, and not just Epub and Mobi.
  • Now clears the timing set data when switching between documents in the book section properties dialog.
  • Fixed a crash when accidentally linking to a non-book-section document.

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Download Anthemion Jutoh 3.16.4 – (95.1 Mb)

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